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  1. Many thanks to Mike and Lee, for sharing their in-depth knowledge and taking the time to reply so quickly, to my post . Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  2. Hello everyone, I am thinking of trading in my old 2008 Aygo for a 2016 x-pression, which I have my eye on. My understanding is the 2016 x-pression does not come (as standard) with sat-nav, but can the audio system be upgraded to include sat-nav. I thought I read somewhere it is NOT possible to upgrade, but any comments would be gratefully received. If it is possible, any idea of cost and complexity? Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  3. Hello Neil, Good luck with it. Don't forget the washers as mentioned by furtula and please post how you get on. Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  4. Hello again Neil, Just a little more background information for you. I bought my 2007 plate Aygo in July 2015 with just 11,000 miles on it. At first, I found the gear change to be very clunky, notchy, difficult etc. but though it was just me. After two weeks and trying to change my driving style (e.g. double-declutching, blipping the throttle on the down-change plus other small tweaks), I decided to change the transmission oil. I used Fuchs Titan Sintofluid FE SAE 75W Synthetic (from Opie Oils). It made very little difference, if any at all. I have got used to the gearbox. The
  5. Hello Neil, I am not sure how to advise you (I can drive them, but not fix them). Perhaps other, more knowledgeable members, will come forward to help you. It's obviously a lot cheaper to change the oil than the gearbox. I hope you get some help soon. Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  6. Hello Neil, A quick search, threw up an item posted on YouTube by a Polish forum member kaliope (Paul) who has done some very helpful and informative videos. Check him and this out http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5o8feLY6b0 Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  7. Thanks to both Scott and Mike for taking the time and trouble to reply to my post. Will check these items out. Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  8. Hello Everyone, My wife drives a 2007 D-4D Yaris, which has been dealer serviced from new, using a service plan. She has now decided to stop this service plan (due to cost) and I have inherited the task of doing the routine services. I drive and DIY service, a 2008 petrol Aygo and found the Service Data Sheet posted by adilmon on Jan 16th 2017 to be a really useful item. The link the Aygo Service Data Sheet is here >>> https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/tags/aygo/ <<<< I have tried to find something similar for the Yaris but without success. An
  9. Hello Everyone and particularly Neil (aka Agent Orange). Just an update to my post dated 22nd March 2017. I finally had a little time to try and repair the electrical connector which was detaching itself from the glass. It might not be pretty but saved me a shed-load. Thanks Neil for the Plastic Padding tip. Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  10. Hello Everyone, Thank you so much to all who read my post and especially to those, who took the time and trouble to respond. The outcome for me: I will use 5W-30 fully synthetic and Opie Oils will get my order. I have purchased from them before, when they advised me on which transmission oil to use. They were very good then and I am expecting nothing less now. Thanks again for all your input. Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  11. Hello Everyone, I do not want to open any old wounds but I have been looking at the Aygo forum for advice on the correct engine oil, for my upcoming oil change, using a non-dealer garage. I saw an interesting post started by Phil White in April 2013 Phil White's handbook for his 2012 Aygo said to use 0W-20 oil. My handbook for my 2008 Aygo says to use 5W-30. I assume the engines on both cars are the same, namely the 1KR-FE 998cc petrol engine. The question therefore is, should I stay with the recommended 5W-30 as per my handbook, or get up-to-date and use the 0W-20, to follow
  12. Hello Agent Orange, Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply to my post. I will give your idea a go. Thanks again and kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  13. Hello Everyone, I am back again asking for help and advice from the community. I now have a nice little 2008 Aygo which I bought second hand in July 2015, but I have noticed the electrical connector on the rear windscreen is slowly detaching itself from the glass. Is this going to be an expensive specialist repair? I have a tried to attach two photographs which illustrate the problem. Any comments would be welcome. Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  14. Hello Everyone, I would like to thank all those who have taken the time and trouble to help me with my decision. In light of the views expressed I have ticked that one off my wish list. So my quest continues to find right diesel Yaris for my needs but with a manual gearbox. Thanks again to for all your input. It has been extremely valuable to me. Kind regards, Bob Sutton.
  15. Hello Everyone, My last post on this Forum was 20th August 2009 when I was asking for help in making a decision to buy a 2007 D-4-D Yaris, for my wife to drive. We went ahead an purchased the car from our local Toyota dealer. It has been as good as the respondents to my post back then, said it would be. It has been a brilliant car and the Forum's advice was absolutely correct. So, I am back again, asking for your help, as my old Micra is on the way out and I am thinking of replacing it, also with a Yaris. There is a 2008 SR D-4-D (MMT) for sale at the same local dealer with 36000 miles on it,
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