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  1. Hi Phil. That's good going and = 61.9mpg as long as your tank was brimmed before you started as well. Keep up the good work :D
  2. The Aygo has a V shaped petrol tank so the first half of the tank takes far longer to empty than the second half. As dwilson said above you need to brim the tank to work out how much fuel you actually used. I'd be susprised if you got 60mpg never mind 83mpg.
  3. Hope these help? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-X-Ultra-Bright-LEDs-PIR-Auto-Night-Light-Motion-Sensor-Battery-Powered-Lamp-/360524570005?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Wall_Lights&hash=item53f0f05d95 http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/50126605/ http://www.maplin.co.uk/pir-sensor-light-223593?c=maplin&utm_source=endeca&utm_medium=endeca_search&utm_campaign=N98FY&utm_content=Floodlighting+%26+PIR+Lighting
  4. Snap, mine has done it over a smallish pothole a couple of times as well, which makes me think that if both of them are doing it, it's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Loving the Kia so far thanks.
  5. Interestingly sometimes i get something which is similar, the brake pedal is pressed and it feels very soft, like their is no pressure, but only for half a second and then it firms up again and everything feels fine. im going to mention it at the third service and see what they say. It felt different to when the ABS kicks in though (and thats only happen when it was snowing and icy!) Duce this is exactly what I experienced, a half second soft pedal then normal braking. I always managed to stop but it gave me a fright more than once. I agree it's different from the feel of the ABS activating?
  6. I at least had two bits of string on my parcel shelf Sarah! I'm pretty sure you could retro fit a second one yourself? I got around the boot light problem by buying a motion activated, battery powered light from ikea for a couple of quid. It's self adhesive and when there's movement in front of it the light comes on for about 20 seconds
  7. Well after a little over 3 years of Aygo ownership I decided the time had come to say goodbye to my trusty 09 plate, 5 door Aygo Black A/C (affectionately known as Betsy) and I replaced her with a Kia Soul a couple of weeks ago. For anyone thinking of buying an Aygo here are my thoughts based on our 38,000 miles together. Running costs were minimal, apart from servicing I only needed to buy a new set of front tyres at 28,000 and one set of windscreen wipers. I did however buy a rev counter and glovebox lid when Betsy was new as I thought both were essential in a modern car. Likes... Fuel economy although nowhere near the advertised figure, it remained pretty well around 53mpg throughout. I drive approx 60% on motorways and 40% on urban roads and don't hang about. After a little experimentation I kept the tyres at 34PSI and found this added a couple of MPG without sacrificing any comfort. The optional air conditioning was a godsend in a black car and worked faultlessly. The half leather, half alcantara interior wore well and always looked good. The lights worked well although the headlights occasionally misted up. It was nippy around town and was fine on motorways as long as you adapted your driving style accordingly. I took it to the Alps a couple of years ago and it was no problem on the fast French autoroutes, it also climbed steep snow covered roads with ease. Cheap insurance and road tax also sweetened the Aygo experience, Perhaps most importantly it was totally reliable and always started first time. Dislikes... The brakes were never great, the discs would rust and grate after only a day unused, the ABS could activate for apparently no reason and the brake pedal would at times suddenly drop further than expected on initial use. The stereo was poor and the external input jack was hopeless. The rear parcel shelf was annoying as it is needed to reduce the very intrusive road noise but had to be removed whenever I tried to put a small case in the boot. A much better design in my opinion would be a retractable roll type that could remain in the car at all times. The interior light not activating when any door other than the drivers was opened, no light in the boot and not being able to operate the passenger's electric window from the driver's seat was, again in my opinion, penny pinching taken too far. These would have cost no more than a couple of pounds at the factory to fit but would have made the whole experience so much better. To sum up, would I recommend an Aygo to a friend. Yes! As long as you don't have to carry too much and don't mind a bit of road noise it's hard to think of a more reliable, cheaper form of transport.
  8. Hi Your fuel consumption figures are pretty much like mine after 30,000 miles of driving. If I really go easy, stick to motorways only and don't go much above 60mph I can get 60mpg at times but it becomes a real pain. Remember the other benefits of Aygo ownership as well as the fuel economy = very cheap car tax, insurance, servicing, tyres etc
  9. Hi Bravo. Obviously the air-con being on, numbers of passengers carried, tyre pressures (incidentally I find 34 works best) etc all have a bearing on the fuel economy of such a little car but I manage between 52mpg and 58mpg with two thirds 70mph to 80mph motorway driving, mixed with one third urban. 30,000 miles now driven in total. I did however find that after the first couple of thousand miles from new, my figures improved slightly which I took to be the engine loosening up? Apologies if I'm teaching anyone on the forum to suck eggs but as Bravo has done the only way to know your actual mpg is to work it out with some very simple maths, the Blobs are only a very rough guide at best! (Due to the Aygo's tank being V-Shaped) For anyone whose not sure, the way to work out mpg accurately is.. Brim the tank, zero the trip, drive as far as you can, brim the tank (ideally at the same pump) and note the litres used plus the mileage on the trip. Then multiply number of litres by 0.22 to get imperial gallons then divide this figure by number of miles driven e.g 34 litres x 0.22 = 7.48 gallons. 400 miles / 7.48 gallons = 52.08 mpg. There are also loads of free apps for smart phones or on-line converters that will do it all for you
  10. Yes I expect you can supply those, they are available in every Toyota dealership in the UK. That part number is NOT the one I want. That is for the pig ugly thick UK mouldings. I am looking for the part number for the much neater, thinner ones fitted to European models. Not exactly a friendly reply Mickey. Can't imagine many people bothering to help you if you answer like that
  11. 61 plates will start on the 1st of September so now until the end of August would be a good time to look for a pre-registered, or possibly ex demonstrator Aygo at your local Toyota dealer
  12. Not if you're 20! I payed £3000 for mine. That was the cheapest by far too!! Yes but try insuring a 200hp Astra (insurance group 20ish) rather than a group 2 Aygo
  13. It's really not my cup of tea but it's not my car. If you like it mate that's all that matters. Would be very boring if everyone's car looked exactly the same. Remember to tell your insurance company about it though, or they'll not pay out in the event of a claim.
  14. Hi 10pence, here's my 2 pence worth. 1] The deal was for a Blue at £9500 (approx), but after looking more on Toyota I can get an Aygo Go! AC (AirCon is a must) for £9,495.00 and it has a far better spec too. So The Go! is the one to go for, yes? Yes 2] SupaGuard - read here that not much faith is placed in it and I found can get it off eBay for about £15 for AutoGlym kit. Anyone actually done this or know if a valeting company can do it for me cheaper than the £500 Toyota want? Supagard as it's officially known guarantees to protect your car against UV damage for 3 years (personally I doubt it lasts that long) but how many 3 year old cars have you seen with faded paintwork? A regular wash and quick polish will do just as much and save you a fortune. 3] GAP Insurance: A must in my opinion. Toyota offering it at £500, found it online for a lot less. Anyone recommend a trusted source for this. As with all insurance products be very wary. Unless your car is actually written off GAP insurance to return to invoice as it's known (the difference between your insurance payout and the price you paid for the car originally) won't work and even then it's rarely worth it. IMHO If you really do want it £100 is far nearer the mark, just Google GAP insurance there's hundreds of suppliers, who seem to be thriving, possibly because they don't pay out that often? 4] Fog Lamp: I know not a 'must' but I do rather like them. Anyone got them fitted or fitted themselves? As Toyota do seem to sell them a tad expensively. If you like em get em (it's your new pride and joy after all) but as pointed out before don't use them unless it really is reduced visibility, 1. You look like a plonker 2. It's an non endorsable offence (no points on license but possibly a fixed penalty) to use them when they're not needed. After agreeing your purchase in principal, I'd ask the salesman to throw them in at the last minute otherwise you're walking.
  15. Your fuel economy won't improve much with the Aygo but at least it will be with cheaper unleaded. Car tax will only be £20 for 12 months and insurance is as cheap as it comes
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