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  1. Hi and welcome to the madhouse
  2. I'm sure it's got not one but two turbos
  3. Same to you bruv There getting harder now - in two years or so it's going to be a killer Cheers
  4. and if you can't be good - be goot at it lol I'm off too nite TOC
  5. I'd have a Bristol Fighter T - Is that different enough for you? Oh and a Brabus Bullet V12 Bi Turbo too for a practical ride Cheers
  6. I don't think I will - I was close the other night lol
  7. Hey Happy Birthday Hope you have a great day and night out lol
  8. You lot are funny I won I don't care I'm never going to be that close again so I will take it as mine lol
  9. Jappy go to sleep so I can win one just one please lol
  10. In the voice of Stewie from Family guy "Damn you, Damn you all!" I'll never win one of these lol
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