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  1. im after one which give off a really white light like hid's do. i know they wont be as good. have mtec cosmic blue in at the mo and the colour is really nice but they are so dull its annoying me now. any ideas?
  2. Hi just wondered if anybody has used philips blue vision bulbs before. are they any good and are the as bright or brighter than the stock bulbs? Found mtec cosmic blue rather dissapoiting. the philips get a good review on auto express any help appreciated thanks carl
  3. Did you buy MTEC bulbs? Best regards, Alex Yes alex i bought the MTEC cosmic blue. They are nowhere near as bright as the stock bulbs but a nice colour. fiited stock bulbs back to high beam today so i can see lol
  4. Hi Ive bought some upgraded bulbs for my T180 and i can safely say they ae CRAP. No where near as bright as the stock bulbs. Looking at a HID kit now. Are they legal in the UK? Cheers Carl
  5. Hi Has anybody used MTEC cosmic blue bulbs in their car before? If so do you know if these bulbs are road legal in the UK? Ive purchased some from hid's direct and they have told me they are NOT e marked so NOT road legal. I am a little confused because other sites like amazon.co.uk and ebay are saying they are 100% road leagl. Anybody have any ideas. Thanks Carl
  6. Hello all I am after some upgrade bulbs for my T180. I dont want these after market HID kits of ebay im just after some upgrade Xenon effect bulbs but good ones. Ive been looking at Philips Blue vision bulbs. What im confussed with is i was under the impresseion the dipped beam are H11 and high beam HB3. some websites are saying the fitting for the dipped beam is HB4. Does anybody know why this is o what the correct fitting is? I cant seem to get blue vision bulbs in H11. Does anybody else know some GOOD xenon effect bulbs. Help appreciated Carl
  7. Cheers alex thats awesome just what i was after. I should be fitiing this at the weekend when it arrives so ill keep you updated. Thanks again Carl
  8. Thanks alex ive PM The king and he has sorted me out a good price. The link of how to install it wont work as it takes me to the aurtalian site and i cant log in. There are other pics in that message board but some are missing so im still unclear how to do this. Any other ideas or can anybody explain how to take the dashboard apart. thanks Carl
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    In Ny opinion yes it does. There are people on here who have problems with rattles and sqeaks. I Have a T180 and its silent. I f you are onlu doing low mileage then just have one of the petrol models. Thanks
  10. Hello all Im New to the owners club. Had a yaris T Sport before and now own a Auris T180 which i am well chuffed with. I Bought it one month ago. Its an 07 plate and only done 10,500 miles. Its fully speced up sat nav, reverse sensors, tinted windows and spoiler. The only thing which is missing is a ipod connector. Ive spoken to toyta today and they have said the integration kit is £175 or £256 fitted. Does anybody know how to take the dashboard apart to fit it myself or is it best going through a dealer? Also does anybody else use one with the sat nav unit? are all the track names displayed? Help appreciated cheers
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