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  1. Hi My spoiler recently came off because the fixing plugs had worn. Apparently Toyota has stop manufacturing the mounting kit . Does anyone have any ideas on how to reinstall spoiler other than using the mounting kit? Or do anyone know where I can get a mounting kit?
  2. Hi I am looking to change my shocks. Which is better the Bilstein b4 or the kyb ultra sr?
  3. Hi I have p420 code on my 03 Toyota corolla t3. I have changed both O2 sensors and I still have the code. I believe my catalytic converter is blocked. I had a look at the exhaust pipe but can't figure which is the catalytic converter. Can anyone tell where is the converter and is there anyway to clean it or can I just cut the damn thing out and weld in a straight pipe. My country doesn't have any emission laws!
  4. You should try cleaning the idle speed control valve. Its attach to the throttle body. Sometimes carbon builds up in the valve and it causes idle problems.
  5. hi I would like to change my seats in my 03 corolla t3. I am looking to buy a complete set of seats. I have been using a website called breakeryard.com and I have received a few quotes for some seats but I also notice I can get a cloth interior full set. Can any anyone explain what is a cloth interior full set? Thought I ask on forum before I contacted the car breaker.
  6. Hi guys Just bought some eibach lowering springs for corolla. The springs are 30mm drop on front and rear. Do I have to trim the original bump stops? I am using the stock shocks.Can't seem to find an instruction manual anywhere.
  7. Hi I have a 03 toyota corolla t3 1.6 and i am thinking of dropping it . I am thinking of purchasing the eibach pro kit or the tte springs. Which is better,eibach or tte? I have a friend who has a 05 supercharge compressor and he has just upgraded to coilovers. It had on the original eibach lowering springs. I am wondering if they can work on my corolla. Does anyone know the drop height of these springs? I notice the rear springs are slightly longer than th front.
  8. Hi I have a 03 corolla t3 3dr and I am looking to source some seats and door panels . I don't live in the UK and I am looking for someone who can ship them. I have tried to find some good seat fabric but had no luck with that. That of course is much cheaper. The interior trim is dark grey but black could work as well. I believe the t sport and compressor seats and door panels can work also, as long as its black or dark grey.
  9. I have a toyota corolla t3 2003 3dr. I hear the noise when i am travelling over bumps, as the suspension moves faster.
  10. Hi I have a knocking noise. Its sounds like it beneath the foot pedal area. I have replace ball joints,control arm bushing,stabilizing bar bushings,stabilizing links, rods ends and both strut mounts. I have practically overhaul the front suspension. Could it be the steering rack? Advice needed!
  11. Hi Your idle speed control vavle located on you throttle body needs servicing.I had a friend who car was idling at 2000rpm and he servicing the vavle and it worked fine afterwards.
  12. Hi The press button that releases the rear seats has broken and the mechanisum has fallen into the back of the seat.I can't get the seat to release to change my rear shocks.Does anyone known how to disassemble the seat to recover the mechanism? Need advice please!
  13. Hi I have a 2003 toyota t3 3dr.I am not from the uk.I need some front shocks but the shocks are made in the uk ownly. It would cost 250 pounds to purchase the shocks plus the shipping.I would have to pay three times that amount since my currency is 3 to 1.Most cars sold in my country are japanese.We also have the japanese hatch.Its looks basically the same except its call an allex.Could the shocks from a japanese hatch fit a uk hatch?I have been checking toyodiy for the oem numbers for both cars and i have discovered that the first 5 numbers are the same but the last 5 are different.I have also check other markets for simillar cars, like Asia,Malaysia and the first 5 numbers are the same but the last are different as well.Can anyone explain the dfferences in the numbers although the cars are simillar.Is it that the chasis is different?
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