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  1. theyre all imports The Vigo are all imports and have a light weight chassis and a lower payload limit.
  2. 1st lot of the 3.0D4D Hilux had 1 Battery, the 2009 Models all have 2 Battery's, they all have a 12 Volt starting system.
  3. Speak to "Parts-King" on here from Lindop Toyota. They do a chip for a third of that price which a couple of my mates have bought and absolutely swear by. More info here. We use the chip from Diesel Tuning Fitted it int around 50+ Hilux I've supplied and use it in all my demo's, 2.5D4D and 3.0D4D without any problems.
  4. Hi All, Just joined, I have a few Toyota's, New Prius, Hilux 3.0D4D Invincible, Hilux HL2, and an IQ2.