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  1. Hi You do not have to remove the chrome gaiter surround, all you do is grip under where the gaiter is attached and lift up, the whole surround lifts straight out. No point removing something that does not need removed. Regards
  2. Hey Zulu That is a bit of a bummer :-( Mine is a late 2005 '55' plate, so that is why the picture looks different to mine. I will continue my search, after my holiday, next week. I took the under engine covers off yesterday, to check for foglight wiring harness - nothing at all! Hope you have more luck. Can't be bothered running cables through the engine bay and putting in switches, as the dash light won't work with them anyway. Although, while I was in there, I was able to relocate a dislodged clip on the foglight blanking piece, so it is all solid again. One positive, anyway. How did the HID's go? Regards
  3. Photoshop? for today yes but I got 3 broken grills by house and I will to do something like that but inside will be black matt with chrom stripes ... so lower bumper gril will be with chrom stripes too like in first upper photo B) Sounds cool, how did you get so many grilles so quick? I like the idea of the chrome on the bottom grille, but i'd just go with black on the top grille thats what i want. I have led lights under the fog lights but want to change them for longer ones and more white. take some pictures and let me know how easy/hard it is to remove the grille. Hi Strata There is a download available on one of the topics showing how to remove the grille. "Avensis 2002 T0 2007 Manual" is the topic name. You have to remove the fixings along the top of the bumper assembly (behind the grille), gently pull the whole assembly forward and remove a phillips screw at either top corner at the back of the grille, ease the fixing tabs free, all around the inside of the grille and it comes out - just like that! The download is full of information and will give a much better removal instruction, than me. Good luck.
  4. Hi All Has anyone fitted the angled chrome tailpipe trim to their Avensis? Are there any issues with rubbing the bumper etc? How much do they cost (maybe a question for Kingo)? Regards
  5. Hi Frank Yes, there is an estate version of the Avensis, called the wagon. Tourer Hi Heidfirst I was looking through my owners handbook last night and then I realised what I was thinking about... The estate is shown as a Wagon, not a Tourer, although Tourer is a nicer sounding description. Regards
  6. Hi Zulu No idea where you get them, I was just told about them. I'll ask him where he saw them and let you know. I was loking in my owners manual last night and it mentioned 1ZZ-FE and 3ZZ-FE do have electronic throttle control systems, as well as 1AZ-FSE and 2AZ-FSE types. See page 160 of the owners manual, half way down the right hand side of the page, under the section (g) Malfunction Indicator Lamp Gasoline-powered Vehicles. (Section 1-6 Operation of instruments and controls: Gauges, meters and service reminder indicators section) Looking at my V5, I think mine is a 1ZZ, as this is part of the engine number and it definitely does not have a throttle cable. If I can work out how to attach a pic to the threads, I will take one and add it in. It's pouring with rain just now and I was going to get under the car to check if I have the wiring in situ, for the fog lights, but I think I will have to take it into the stores at my work in the morning instead. Regards
  7. Hi If you have the number that came with the locknut key, a new one can be supplied. I am not sure if they can supply one just from your registration number though, but no harm in asking. It is about £30.00 for a new set from Toyota, but you still have to get the old ones off in the first place. Good luck!
  8. Hi Zulu One of my mates owns a Lexus IS200 sport and just fitted a set of HID dipped beams to it. The only problem is that they are so much brighter, when he puts on the full beam, there is hardly any change in the illumination on the road ahead. He said you can get kits with one ballast per side, that splits between both full and dipped lights, which would be a bonus, as there is very little space in the engine bay, anywhere near the lights to fit two of the units anyway. I have not seen any of that type of kit yet, but if I do and it does not cost a king's ransome, I will consider going for them, over the Xenon bulbs I put in last month. Regards
  9. I was not able to get the van from my work last week, so the interior is still in my garage, if anyone wants it. I am going on holiday on the 5th October, so I have to get rid of it all, before I go. Any questions, just ask. Best regards
  10. Hi Frank Yes, there is an estate version of the Avensis, called the wagon. Tourer Hi Heidfirst You are correct, it is the tourer - don't know what I was thinking about ;-)
  11. Hey Zulu I just had a look at my engine and my throttle controls are nowhere to be seen, especially not where it is on the photograph. Things may be a bit more promising for me, but I am still not buying any bits until someone tells me that it can definitely be done. I saw about 15 1.8VVTi petrol Avensis on Autotrader last night, all with cruise control, but when I looked at the interior photos, I could not see a cruise control stalk in any of them :-( I am also looking at fitting some front foglights to my car, but will have to check for the wiring sockets, behind the bumper first - a job for saturday morning. Does anyone know how much the foglight kits cost from Mr. T? Regards
  12. Hi Frank Yes, there is an estate version of the Avensis, called the wagon. Have a look in the Autotrader website, there are tons for sale in there. Happy hunting!
  13. Hi Mango I agree, that the satnav is very good and accurate. When you are on the motorway, it shows you which lane you should be in, just in case you take the wrong junction! I have found a few 1.8 petrol Avensis advertised on the Autotrader website, but when I look at the interior photos, the cruise stalks are never visible. It is still a mystery to me. With regard to the hole at either side of the steering wheel, these house the airbag securing screws (Torx T30 to remove). Regards
  14. Cheers, Beagh I have noticed quite a few 1.8 petrol Avensis for sale in Autotrader, with cruise control, but cannot see the stalk on the steering wheel, on any of them. I guess we will have to sit tight and see what the technical guys come up with. Regards
  15. Hi Zulu I am not buying the bits, until I am positive it can be done (wife and 2 kids and all that). If I come accross a cheap control stalk, I might try it out. Let me know how you get on, mate. BR
  16. ... or someone crazy with crazy mind ;) yeah, they are crazy samurai :) I will be hunt for a few broken grilles and I will try to do something like that Good luck, you crazy guy! I have seen those grilles on japanese auction sites for around 200euro plus postage . I'm just going to paint my grille black or buy a black one i think it looks as good as the chrome effect. heres a site to wet your appetite http://www.geocities.jp/avensis_style/off-2009-01.html What's the deal with covering their eyes? It's not like they are doing illegal hight time street racing or something!
  17. Hi Zulu The first time I took it out, I disconnected the '-' terminal on the battery and left it for 1/2 an hour, before touching the airbag. The second time, I did not disconnect the battery, but I was very careful not to hold the Torx driver in front of my head, just in case the 'bag went off! I did not disconnect the cables from the 'bag when I removed it, but just set it on the upper cowl of the steering wheel (put a cloth under it, or the studs in the back of the module will scratch the wheel), so there should be no problem with warning lights. The toughest part is getting the Torx screws to recess far enough, to remove the module. Good luck!
  18. ... or someone crazy with crazy mind ;) yeah, they are crazy samurai :) I will be hunt for a few broken grilles and I will try to do something like that Good luck, you crazy guy!
  19. Hi Mango How fast do you need to go? The limit is 70mph and have had my 2005 1.8 to over 125mph, from time to time (where madness prevailed). The power is only reigned in, by the traction control, if the front wheels spin. I think you got a good deal on your car, as I paid £9,000.00 for my T3-S, with 16000 miles on it, 19 months ago. The cruise on 1.8 petrols is a bit vague, as noone seems to have fitted it. Only read of being retro-fitted to the diesel versions. I have been trying to get to the bottom of this one for about a month, now, with not much luck. Hope you are enjoying your new motor. Regards
  20. Sorry Aamir I had to use these parts on my new centre console, as it came without that and the gear lever surround. It is just the basic carcass that I am giving away. Regards I am getting a van from my work this afternoon, to dump the seats, door cards and other bits today. Last chance, if anybody needs any of these bits for FREE! Gone in 2 hours! Cool no worries because the mechanism for the little door on mine has broke so the door would just stay open. Toyota dont sell the little mechanism but the whole black centre thing and they want £116 for it!!!!! WHAT! £116.00? Does that include vat :-) If you can't get one from a breakers yard, you should put a little blob of blue tack on the front outer edge of the flap. It is not ideal, but at least it will look right. Regards
  21. Hi I have searched the web for the very same grilles before, to no avail. I think these pics are from the Geocities Avensis site, but no information is offered with regard to their origin. I am pretty sure the Japanese modders have built these from a few other grilles, by removing the long louvres from some other grilles and blending them in to the space where the Toyota badge and short louvres were. It is a lot of work, so like you, I would rather buy a complete one from a supplier :-) Regards
  22. have you checked the level that the interior lighting is set to? on the odometer, press the button until you see a series of lines, something like ---== cycle through the displays on the odometer, trip A and trip B and so on. Not sure whether engine needs to be on or not. try it with out first, then switch on if you you still dont see the lines. In fact you might even need to turn on the headlamps. sorry for the vagueness, its been ages since i messed about with it. the lighting has "i think" 4 levels. - -- --- ---= now obviously the fewer dashes you see means the dimmer the lights are. this is where my memory is fuzzy but i think you press and hold the odometer button until they flash or change. then you press the button until the background lights are at the level you want. this is all in the owners manual too. cheers Hi Galad You must remember to switch your side lights on, before this option is available to be changed. If the lights are off, you only get the trip and mileages displayed. With regard to the switchlights, you must mean higher wattage bulbs, as using higher voltage bulbs would either not light up at all, or will be even duller than the originals. LED bulbs are a good option, as they produce very little heat and much more light, while also consuming less power. There are loads of places on the not, selling these types of bulbs. Regards
  23. Hey Zulu I checked mine tonight and I can see the "CRIUSE" light, at the left hand side of the instrument panel, right above the seatbelt warning light. I am sure all the instrument panels are of a generic fit on the whole range, so I am sure it will be there. I couldn't see mine when I first checked, but if you put the torch right in against the lens, you can make it out. Has anyone fitted cruise control to their 1.8 petrol Avensis? Just the standard type, not an aftermarket model. Regards
  24. Hi Marama I thought the mark 1 was up to 2003 and the mark 2 was from 2003 to 2008 - Can someone please verify what is correct? Mine is a 2005 model and should therefore be a mark 2. This is a copy of an excerpt from a review of the 2009 Avensis, I took off the net: "You would be forgiven if you had missed the two previous generations of Toyota's Avensis." Best regards
  25. If you are not getting the 'BEEP' sound, I would assume the option is not present in your car. Going by the usual prices charged by Mr. T, I would imagine it would cost a small fortune to have it installed later. Regards
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