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    Enjoy it! And just think of all those tight spots you'll be able to park in that drivers of bigger cars won't! What colour have you gone for?
  2. I've been wondering how people are getting on without a spare wheel. Has anyone used the puncture kit or have you called out a breakdown service to sort you out? Having a great time in my new iQ2 - it's amazingly spacious (like getting into a tardis). I'm 6ft tall and have never had a car with so much leg room. So much better than the BMWs I've been in. Fantastic turning circle too! :)
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    Just thought I'd say hello. Took delivery of my little black iQ (I've named it Bobo) this morning - traded in my V reg Corolla with 105 000 miles on. Could Gainsborough (Lincs) be the iQ capital of the world? Saw 3 in one small car park on Monday. Driving the iQ today has been fun, even though its gearbox is nowhere as smooth as my old Corolla's. Feel very virtuous having such an eco car - it's flirty too. Then there's the added bonus of no road tax I'd have been mad to have bought anything else.
  4. Just thought I'd say hello. I'm now on my third Toyota since 1993 (first was a lovely red Corolla 139 000 miles, second was a Corolla 105 000 and today I've taken delivery of a little black iQ2 that I'm thinking of calling Bobo). Toyotas have served me very well - so reliable. Feel it's time to be a bit more eco. Enjoyed driving it today - perhaps slightly bumpier than the Corolla (which had an ultra smooth gearbox) but loads of fun. It looks like Gainsborough (Lincs) could be the iQ capital of the world - saw 3 of them in one little car park on Monday.
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