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  1. Happy Birthday IrishRob!

  2. Hi, just put this up on ebay having sold my car couple of months ago. Great piece of kit and dead easy to fit. gives some big smiles. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/K-N-Typhoon-Induction-kit-for-Toyota-Yaris-SR-1-8-/171150544941?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27d95e102d
  3. It defnitly does pull better since iv fitted the induction kit, I will keep looking into it but if the ecu is locked and needs to go to toyota then it could be alot more cost than its worth.
  4. I duno really iv never had it done to any cars and spoke to a few people and got a wide cross section of answers from people who have had it done petrol heads who know alot more than me so I figured I ask on hear and see if it had been done before. Iv Fitted a KnN induction kit and had the exhaust done both made a noticable improvement, a couple of people have said to me that a remap would allow the engine to work better with these mods but I do believe in doing my research.
  5. Hi, I am thinking of having my Yaris SR remapped and im wondering has anybody had it done? or what are the opinions on whether its worth doing or not? Thanks everybody.
  6. Its not all about being clean! Didnt even get stuck great car for the snow.
  7. Well its nice to know it is still kicking around somewhere.
  8. Hahaha well we went through so much together, im just trying to find my precioussssssssss
  9. Hiya just got to wondering as ya do where my old cars ended up, just wondering if anyones seen or had it? reg was DC06CDU its a grey 5 door as the picture may suggest. any help would be cool thanks.
  10. Ah I see fair enough didnt realise the older ones had SR on the cap, set of them might be nice though lets knowif you find anywhere that does them.
  11. here ya go and the dimensions are dia. 54mm at the rear clips and dia. 57mm front face.
  12. I have a couple spare for an 09 yaris, duno if they are the same?
  13. Im the 3rd owner of my car and it hasnt been near a toyota dealer in at least 2 years so how do toyota know my address to send a letter to me? is there someplace I need to register?
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