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  1. 24mm spanner is what you need..
  2. these have oil pressure lights and i wouldnt drive it...get it uplifted and get the oil pressure checked
  3. right how are you remapping these???the ecu is self learning you change the map it reverts back to the standard map then relearns the drivers driving style...its the same on all the toyota range petrols and diesels the only way of chipping them is with a plug in box of tricks..and dpf removal come on that gives people nothing but limp home mode and engine warning lights!!
  4. ormi

    Wheel Spin

    this has to be a prank???????seriously...but i will answer a car only wheel spins due to the drivers input so in short its your wifes
  5. ormi

    Dpf Removal

    as i said you cant remove and as ive also said toyota ecus cant be altered in anyway....
  6. the notes have been revised depending on how bad it looks when stripped you might just get a rebuild
  7. no you cant...that doesnt reset the clutch count or relearn the ecu....i have went past the point of explaining why it doesnt work when the clutch has been replaced!! it might be a temp fix if your not replacing the clutch but WILL NOT WORK WHEN REPLACING THE CLUTCH....if you want the mmt to work correctly it needs to be programmed using it2(toyotas diag tool)
  8. 140's were shocking on oil and suffered from oval bore which caused burning oil the only way to fix is a new engine people will say just get new pistons but that wont do jack as its the boars that go oval..toyota did extend the warranty to seven years or 112k.. so your options are a new engine or keep an eye on the oil and top it up
  9. you can do it at home but you cant reset the clutch count or relearn the gearbox/ecu... if you do it at home you save labour but you will need to pay for reprogramming around 1hour or get the car to toyota and pay the 4.3 hours to do the whole job
  10. thats what happens when you dont buy oe.....i get this sort of thing at my work to which the customer gets told to go back to the fitting firm
  11. mate you CANT DO IT regardless of what diagnostic tester you use....toyota standards are 10k or 1 year as i have said!! not before and not after..as for not being shown it/how to do it im one course away from being a master tec(which i do not want to do) it doesnt flash straight away and it only takes a small amount of oil over to do this
  12. no problem add away but just looked your already on my list....lol
  13. as i said YOU CANT CHANGE THE DATE OR MILEAGE THE SPANNER COMES ON!!!!! it has two presets...1 year or 10,000 miles what ever comes first....... just in case people still dont get the drift... you do 10,000 miles in 2 months the light will come on you do 1000 miles in a year the light will come on YOU CANT CHANGE THIS........ and yes they have put too much oil in!! .2 above the mark and the spanner light commes on.... i am a licenced tec,diagnostic tec and mot tester for a main dealer and have been for many years....
  14. look at the air box you will see a pipe going in to this get some one to rev the engine and watch the pipe you will see it vibrate...screw a self tapper through it that will stop it..thats how we fix them at work..
  15. remove the wheel and you will see a rubber bung on the hub part of the disk,remove this and put the hole in the 6 oclock position and look inside you'll see a wee cog turn this till you can feel a slight drag on the disk...
  16. you could make an extension out of sheet metal if your handy at diy..
  17. stand a few feet behind the car and crouch down.......you'll see the diff
  18. i myself have done a few members servicing on here they never pay more that £80(spark plugs,air filter,fuel filter extra) they get a service stamp in the book and all oe parts used and thats at my work a main dealers and it'll not be the first time ive moved the heat shield,fixed a slack handbrake cable,alighned headlights,fixed nails in tyres all for free not all tecs do but to be honest i dont need bonus to live the point im making is not all dealers are the same...some do go the extra mile
  19. ooopppssssss the width as above.........^^^^^^^^^^^
  20. your all missing the point he wasnt in for a carbon build up related fault.......... carbon build up....lack of power a lot of smoke gasket shuffle/failure.......coolant all over the place and water loss keep a very close eye on levels and performance i was busy today but i'll look over the bullitin and give you the info
  21. what service history do you have?have you had a brake fluid change done lately?i think the car should go off the road till its fixed
  22. yip mate the belt is due for replacing...
  23. its broke and needs a new one you want to know the best part......when you buy a new mirror you dont get the cover ie the painted bit...you could try ebay you can save some money by fitting it yourself its not too hard and takes around 15-20 mins to fit
  24. i know this may sound silly but have you checked the fuel filter?if you remove the filter and look threw it and look for gunge....also you could look in the fuel sender/pic up for gunge too...ive come accross this fault a lot lately
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