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  1. I know that you can buy just a backbox or just a decat pipe etc and retro fit them onto your system, but i was just saying that for a straightforward swap they were the options. I wouldnt say stay away if you have to cut the exhaust though, so long as its done properly with flanges welded on its as good as just buying another section to fit straight on. Personally i would rather have more sections becuase it is so expensive when one of the two goes. The upside is that where sections join is quite often where they break and corrode first, so you would expect the original setup to last well. Cheers, James
  2. I answered every so often, as i wouldnt say i use it every time i go out in the car, but if its upto temp and i get the urge its always good fun. I think as with any car that constant high rpm will cause more wear to the engine, but i had heard that as with the Honda vtec's Toyota tested the cars to much higher rpm for extended periods of time, so im never scared to thrash it from a reliability point of view (once warm). My only concern comes from the fuel needle dropping everytime i go into lift. My last car was a tuned derv which used to get 47mpg with spirited driving so this is taking some getting used to. Its slower most of the time than my old car, and then when i do go quick the fuel gauge drops. Luckily i dont do many miles so i just have to tell myself its okay to plant the loud pedal :D Cheers, James
  3. I thought cat back meant from the cat (not including it and backwards) but on the Celica gen 7 i think there are only two sections to the exhaust. The down pipe, cat and midpipe are all in one section and the backbox and the rest of the mid pipe in another. So surely a system for the gen 7 will either be cat back or full exhaust system? I could well be wrong, but this is how i understood it. Cheers, James
  4. Have you had it RR or anything to see if there was a power gain (or given a rough figure?) I wouldnt mind a bit nicer exhuast so long as it was going to help performance (the fact it isnt much louder than standard would be a massive plus for me as im not keen on the constant rumble). Anyone know what a proper TRD exhaust is meant to add performance wise? Cheers, James
  5. Cheers for the sympathy buddy. To be fair to Toyota they were good at listening to me on the phone and taking note of stuff i had done to rule out the problem. The only way to find out where the problem lies is to get the head off, but i have looked into getting another engine fitted and it can be done with a recondtioned engine for £1800 with 12 months warranty so i am considering this. I am in touch with Se7en motorsports at the moment and this guy is brilliant. I am hoping he will let me know what he thinks is the best course of action, ideally i would have the head removed and then if there is nothing that can be done the engine replaced all for similar cost to the people who offer the recon'd engine, but the trouble is nobody can offer me a solid quote because it is hard to say until the head's off. Got to make a gamble of possibly wasting money checking the head or paying for a new engine when the one i had was possibly not a very expensive fix. Cheers, James
  6. No i was going to but booked the car in and didnt have time beforehand. It wasnt the problem anyway (i wish it had been though). The problem is that i dont have the right compression in cylinder 3 and 4. Next step is to take the head off and find out why. This is going to cost around the £500 mark, and i could end up being told that the engine is beyond repair. Really down at the moment and am just wondering if i should look out for a replacement engine and just be done with it. I will probably get it looked at though, just hope i dont end up having to put in a new engine anyway as its just money down the drain if i do :( Cheers, James
  7. Cheers guys, any ideas are worth checking out. I have taken the car into Toyota today and already they have gotten nearly £200 out of me just to try and find the fault. To be fair £45 to use the fault reader wasnt that bad, but then £140 to have a look under the Cam cover is quite a lot. Hopefully they will find the fault. I think it is likely to be the oil control valve on the vvtli unit myself Ormi, but had gotten to the point of just wanting it fixed so now its at Toyota. I will make sure to let you all know what the fault was if only so somebody else can use the search function in the future and save themself a lot of hassle :) Cheers, James
  8. Is there any way of having the car remapped to make lift come on a couple of hundred rpm sooner and maybe extend the redline by a couple of hundred rpm also? I know that these engines were tested to much higher rpm so it shouldnt be too much of an issue reliability-wise. My car doesnt have lift all of the time at the moment so i havent had much practice in gear changes, but it takes a lot more effort to keep it on the boil than in vtec cars i have driven. Not only would increasing the lift range make gear changes easier but i would imagine the peak figures would be improved slightly also. Are there services like this available for these engines, and does anyone know a rough figure for them (both price and power)? Cheers, James
  9. MrJP

    The Wifes Celica

    Lovely looking car. I never realised that those kits were even available standard until i started looking to buy my own Celica. I think i had possibly seen one or two on the road before but just thought they were modified. Cheers, James
  10. Hello, i have already made a thread in the Celica section but thought i would say hi to all you other Toyota owners :) I got my gen 7 Celica 190 the other week and am sorting some problems on it, but still loving the car. It looks black but up close it has a blue sparkle to it which is nice and i love the way it drives and handles. Cheers, James
  11. Hello, i have already asked about this problem on another forum and got good results, but thought it would be worth asking here as well just incase something new is suggested. Basically the car is only revving to 7000rpm, sometimes the idle drops down low as though trying to stall when started from cold and i have an engine management light. If i take the battery off then reconnect it i lose my EML and have full lift for a few minutes but then the symptoms reutrn. So far i have swapped the coil packs, replaced the spark plugs, replaced the lift bolts, checked the oil and cleaned the MAF sensor. Other suggestions i had were to clean the IACV (to cure throttle idle, but since swapping the spark plugs i havent had this happen yet (probably only coincedence rather than cured though), and to check the oil control valve for lift and also that the filter on it isnt blocked. I have all but given up as i am thinking it is an electircal fault so will take it to Toyota next week to get properly diagnosed (a local garage fault reader showed i had had a misfire in cylinder 3 and 4 so not really specific enough to sort). I just thought that it was worth checking nobody else had had the exact same symptoms and knew what the problem was to save me hassle/money. Thanks for any advice or help :) Cheers, James
  12. This is my VVTLI 190, i am having a few teething problems with lift not working, but hopefully nothing that will bankrupt me.... hopefully lol. Cheers, James
  13. oops, sorry i did a double post Cheers, James
  14. Hello, im new to this forum but am already over on the celica only forum and thought i would post a few pics up of my new purchase: Cheers, James
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