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  1. Sorry Tony , but buying a Ford again?..never!!!.....i like my cars to keep going with no problems...Toyotas never let you down.And the one word for my iq3 ? fun to drive!.I,ve owned a Ford Ka and if you buy one good luck to you.
  2. Just a short message to some guys here .e.g A guy called Danny who doesn,t get the IQ.,and thinks the Ford Ka is better. Well i,ve owned a Ford Ka,Rav4,Honda Jazz and a few more and my new IQ3 is by far the best car i,ve owned!.Just love it..... As for owning a Ford again ,never!......Had three Toyotas now anmd never had a thing go wrong with any of them!.My Ford KA was taken into the garage 4 times in 3 years. i rest my case......
  3. josh 66


    Hi guys Got my iq3 today......So far .....Love it !......I,ll tell how i,am getting with it in about a weeks time. :)
  4. josh 66

    Rear Mudflaps!

    yes extremely easy. For the rear you pop out two clips put the mudflap in place and push the two clips back in. Then using a drill put a screw into the plastic inner arch. Took me 5 minutes to do both sides it's a doddle. Thanks for your help......Think i,ll order some!!!!
  5. josh 66

    Rear Mudflaps!

    Is it easy to fit mudflaps yourself on a iq????
  6. josh 66

    Car Insurance

    I managed to get fully comp for £149 through SAGA thats for me and the wife both over 50 so maybe thats cheating a little bit Well done!!!!!.wish i was over 50!
  7. Hi guys......Just been told you can get a cigarette Lighter fitted in my iq3....Has anybody had one fitted and how much did you pay for it?......Its a bad habit!...but do miss having one in my iq!
  8. josh 66

    Rear Mudflaps!

    Hammer?..don,t fancy that!.......i think i,ll give the rear ones a miss and just get front mudflaps!
  9. I,am Getting a white iq3.....so i think i,ll give the black side mouldings a miss....I,ll look for some good door protecters instead.... ..If i had a black one i think i would i,ve had them fitted!
  10. josh 66

    Car Insurance

    ours is £155 fully comp for two of us, age 31 and 33 £150 excess Done well Craig...is that with Swiftcover??? No its with RBS but my wife does work for them so she gets a little discount so it is cheating a bit, We did get a cheaper quote with LV that was £151 for the same deal Clever guy!!!!!!! :)
  11. josh 66

    Car Insurance

    ours is £155 fully comp for two of us, age 31 and 33 £150 excess Done well Craig...is that with Swiftcover???
  12. Getting mine in two weeks time.....Great post!
  13. josh 66

    Rear Mudflaps!

    Called first.....then went down to the dealer..... Does seem very strange!!!!
  14. josh 66

    Car Insurance

    Hi guys.........Just got a insurance quote from Swiftcover for my IQ3 for £133.00 Can anybody beat that????.....
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