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  1. A Prius of the future? http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/276238/toyota_prius_drives_itself.html
  2. Exactly the same problem with me! Noticed it on Monday. Went into diagnostics & battery was reading 8.8V - Still just enough to get the ready light to come on. It went in on Wednesday to have the centre arm rest replaced (rattle), They checked the battery out & of course found no fault found. I feel sure its going to happen again & told the service guy to await a phone call from me in the next day or so when it plays up again.
  3. flow


    Mines being fixed/replaced next week under warranty The dashboard ones is very common - I sorted mine by puting a small thin rubber seal between the 2 bits of plastic - where the instrument panel meets the main dash. Its been my one major bug bear with the Prius- Such a poor quality inerior.
  4. With abit of luck, they will have improved the cheap looking interior too.
  5. flow

    Flat Tyres

    I had a flat earlier on in the year, Michelin as most people. Cause was a simply nail so im assuming nothing strange going on.
  6. flow

    Birthday Girl

    Thanks. The service went without incident and all seems to be well. However, I have just read the other thread that speaks of the "wrong oil" issue raising its head again and of course it raises doubts in ones mind. I cleared the "which oil" question with the dealer when the car was serviced a year ago and it did not strike me that I might need to raise the matter again. I shall be talking to them again later this morning anyway, because they forgot to complete the service record, so the question will get asked once more. Dare i ask the cost of the 2 service ? Mines due shortly
  7. A neighbour here has one & i have to say its a very nice looking car, front & rear.
  8. flow

    Cruise Control

    I used to use cruise control alot, mainly on dual carriageways & motorways. However, i find that NOT using cruise gives me much better MPG's
  9. flow

    Goodbye Prius

    Ditto about the rattles & customer service The Prius is a good car but, in my opinion, let down by poor quality interior.
  10. Forget EV mode going up Birdlip - Power mode eveytime for me. Even first thing in the morning when it oftens clogs up, in start stop traffic, its still hard to make much use of ev mode due to the incline. You'll be surprised how much power & torque is available in Power mode though.
  11. flow

    It's Arrived !

    Congrats on the new car - Alas you can't turn off the pasasenger airbag warning light (the one above the gloveboxes. Its a tad annoying granted when you first get the car (especially at night) but im sure you'll learn to live with it :)
  12. Another thing i've noticed is wet weather - this seems to hit my economy, due to the added resistance on the tyres.
  13. In reply to myself, I have now observed that the Cruise Range in my Auris HSD seems to refer to the km left before the "Low Fuel Warning" comes on. - Not the km relative to the remaining fuel in the tank. Thats interesting - sounds like the computer in the Auris does a differnt calculation differently to the Prius? Either that or, your driving much more economically than the Auris thinks your likely to lol
  14. After a hectic half term of runnng around here there & everywhere, just filled up again & estimated range is showing as 405 miles. I think the computer must look at the last few recorded mpg figures & base the calculation on that.
  15. I know what you mean about the fuel err'ing on the side of caution. Its just bizzare that sometiems a full tank gives estimates anywhere from 450 odd miles down to my latest of 390. Just wondering what everyones estimates are ?