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    The Beast!

    Looks in great condition not many of these about. Better nic than my Masterace surf but I am working on it.
  2. j8sun

    Master Ace Surf

    Hi all, I have a user manual that I can send you if you like. Bought it from E-bay and when I got it, it was a copy so I can't see why I can't share it here. Just contact me and I will send it on via attachment unless there is an easier way. The only thing I havent been able to find on it so far is how to take the head light covers off so if anyone knows please please please tell me. Thanks
  3. Hello all, I thought I would join this forum and owners club as I have purchased a Master ace surf 2.0 TD and my partner is currently looking for a celica 5 gen as she likes them (so do I and I hope she lets me drive it too) Well I am Jason. Like my cars although my choices seem to say other wise according to people as I also own a (ford) Probe. I live in North wales and try to do all my own car maintainance which laways takes 3 to 4 times longer than a machanic would. My experience is growing as is my tool box but I am far from being able to call myself competent unfortunately. Hope to get to know some of you enthusiasts on here and hopefully some of you will have a space hopper like mine ;)
  4. Help wanted. I have bought a toyota master ace surf 2.0l deisel and was wondering if anyone knows what other vehicles Toyota has used this engine in. Would really help when looking for engine bits. Thanks Jason