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  1. Happy Birthday 96paseo!

  2. could anyone tell me how you remove the drive shafts from a mkiv supra? thanks matt
  3. Hi, could anyone tell me what size the jap import rear number plate should be to cover the cut out in the rear bumper? Thanks matt
  4. Thanks for all your comments on my old car. took alot of work to get it like that and its such a shame to hear its been wrecked. Oh well ill just have to get on with something else now! Yea the 0-60 time was pretty impressive, the car was stripped of all its rear interior and any extra heavy parts were removed or light wieght alternatives were made. Had it weighed at if i remember just under 890kg which was good going! Was a really nice car when i finished it and deeply regreat selling it but then i was off travelling and needed the money. I have the lotus now but am thinking of buying somethi
  5. Hi, how is everu one? havent been on here for a very long time! just looking around to see if any one knows where my paseo is now? It was a 96 paseo that i gave a 4efte engine conv to. here is a pic: and here is my current car
  6. Alright mate looks good but yea im only getting the one pic to! matt
  7. Hi Just thought it would be a good idea to get everyone to post there single favorite pic of there car. here is mine: ps. just waiting to become a gold member, paid my fee but just waiting for them to activate it. MY new user id will change from (96paseo) to (Paseo GT Turbo) Matt
  8. Nice one mate! sounds pretty good. yea i think the suspension is the same, had a post about it not so long ago. ill check them out anyway cheers!
  9. Hi every one. My car didnt sell. Quite glad strangely!! Im now wondering why i put it up for sale in the first place! just been talking to my mate, and decided not to sell after all. Gona go all out now and do it right. Want to get the suspension sorted, thinking up-rated anti roll bars and some nice expensive coilovers! Theres a nice set off buddy club coilovers on a jap auction site at the moment! i really want to get the exterior sorted aswell! would still like the toyota kit or maybe the booster one. I am going to get my wheels powder coated black with a red ring on
  10. Hi, does anybody know if there are any differnces between the suspension on the starlet turbo and the 2nd gen paseo. The reason being is that i want to get the tein coilovers for my paseo but they dont make them for it, But they do for a starlet. I know the two cars share alot of parts so just wonderd if the starlets supension would fit? Thanks for any help! Matt
  11. Dazh, Thanks, i am pleased with how its looking but still think it needs the kit to finish it off. yea intercooler does look smart. Riko, they do have a habbit of that, prob cant get it from toyota anymore as it was only sold as an option. Just thought there may be a company that does a replica or something. Bluepaseo, yea in Southampton near Botley. Prob seen you in your car without realising then. There arn't many paseo's around here. Matt
  12. Hi, does anybody have any pictures of the standard toyota kit that was put on the paseo as an option from new? I think its a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear skirt. Here is a current few pics of my car, just thought it would be nice with a proper toyota kit to finish it of. Sorry about the red blob over the number plate! [ Matt
  13. You could buy an Apexi Rev/Speed Meter like me, and that would take it of and show you how quick you get there! brilliant!!!
  14. Hi you lot, sorry havent been on here for ages! yea i got my rear brakes from him. not sure if he has any in stock at the moment. You cant get abs for the paseo conversion, the only reason i have abs is because we did alot of modifiying to get the abs eqp to fit the new disks etc. Anyway good luck in finding some! matt
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