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  1. e78522

    Help Me Choose

    Thank you so much for all your comments thats just what i needed a broad veiw from people thar already own an iQ, and i have taken your advice regarding a longer test drive so tomorrow (Saturday) i will have an iQ2 for a day followed by the iQ3 on Sunday. Really looking forward to my weekend and will post my decision early next week should you chaps be interested that is. Many thanks again for your help and participation in giving me your views
  2. e78522

    Help Me Choose

    Thank you and yes you are so right in your advice. I guess i was just looking for owners to tell me their feelings regurding what they own and drive as im sure i am not alone with this dissision of choice, having read test reports by "motoring journalists" they too say both models are so close in feel and driving perforance, infact one tester mensioned the only real difference was the sound the car made
  3. e78522

    Help Me Choose

    "Hiya im new"so please if this topic has been asked before then hopefully the answers that will help me shpuld come quickly and i thank the reader /readers for thier input concerning my question. I am about to order my new iq from my local dealer but my problem is having had a test drive in the 1.0 litre and the 1.33 litre i cannot for the life in me deceid which one to go for, i know your all thinking "What" is this chap for real but beleive me when i say its not that easy as both cars are so jolly good and on the somewhat short test drive in each its left me with a very hard dessision. Now from a car point of veiw thats really good and it just shows how well the Toyota engineers have done their homework when offering an increase in power and on paper performance over the 1.0 litre models but for me it just makes it even harder. So i you the people who alraedy own and run these wonderful little car what do you think. Thanks for your help
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