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  1. Thanks again cmia. Do I get the electric or hydraulic rack? http://www.acspowersteering.co.uk/toyota/steering-rack/?osCsid=no83hj9sn88vpvfubsahtod725 You also mentioned a steering column joint might be worn - to save time in garage could I also order one of those or is it likely they can source part on the spot whilst swapping racks?
  2. Rang Toyota C/S - car was recalled in 2007 for a steering related fault on full lock, didn't fully understand what very unhelpful woman was saying. Didn't seem to directly relate to recalls on the web page you linked (thanks). The long and the short of it is that Toyota might contribute toward cost if an inspection showed that current fault is related to 2007 recall fault........what has happened in relation to genral avensis recalls of 2004 remains foggy. Whatever happens I'd guess that either selling it at auction or replacing rack with a recon one as cmia posted, and then selling is the only real financially viable option. Aside from that - whilst the rest of it is in good condition with only 59k on the clock, it doesn't really suit my current needs - I fancy a different type of vehicle altogether. Where is a good source for a recon rack ?
  3. How good are these transmissions, I've read that many van based automatics aren't that good? I've also heard that hiace's aren't that quiet and the unladen ride can be a bit hard, esp for passenger, is this so?
  4. Both road noise and engine. I bought mine after only 38k but engine struck me as not the quietest. Also have they fixed the wander prone steering tendency? I find the old 1.8 a bit underpowered, is the new 1.8 better?
  5. Thanks for the step by step and the great diagram cmia, Now I know for certain I won't be doing it myself. lol Unfortunately, it is slowly getting worse, more than just mildly annoying, so I will need it rectifying. dransfield's description was very accurate. Do you know approx how much Toyota would/should charge for fixing this versus a regular garage?
  6. Thank you very much for your help cmia. Would you (or anyone) be kind enough to post or link a diagram or photo of the inner rods and bushes/joints that potentially require changing? I am not familiar with steering racks or steering columns. If the column joint needs replacing how involved is that? Can I take it that the rack bushes you mention, have nothing to do with the joints where the wishbones join the steering rack? Any luck with yours dransfield?
  7. Just found this on AA recalls page via google Recall: No. 3 of 7 Recall Ref: R/2004/066 Exact Model: Description: Steering – wear of the intermediate shaft spline VIN: SB1BR56L-0E001019 TO SB1BR56L-0E042156, SB1ER56L-0E001007 TO SB1ER56L-0E041908, SB1DR56L-0E001128 TO SB1DR56L-0E041829 Build Date: Numbers: 10672 Defect: It is possible on certain Avensis models fitted with electric motor assisted power steering (EMPS), that the intermediate steering shaft was incorrectly assembled, this can result in premature wear of the shaft splines. This is identified by the abnormal noise produced, however, if the vehicle continues to be driven in this condition, it may become difficult, or in the worst case impossible to steer. Action: Inspect and if necessary replace the intermediate steering shaft. Launch Date: 05 May 2004 Looks like I'll have to enquire further.
  8. I've seen the recently linked thread for greasing points on the earlier model, does anyone have feedback for my year/model? Will grease "fix" it? It began with an intermittent knocking sound up the steering column when parking but then it gradually became more "knocky" whilst driving over any uneven track or road surface. (smooth roads are fine) I've taken in to a couple of garages and they first suapected it was coming from where the wishbones joined onto either end the rack, but removing the gaiters showed the rack and the wishbone joints were fine there. The second garage then looked with a torch and said they could see a cigarette paper's worth of play at the centre of the rack itself. (sorry not up on technical term). Both said it wasn't dangerous and it would easily last another 50k It is not an MOT failure as I checked with the MOT guy when he passed it for recent MOT. !Removed! annoying though!
  9. I have this knocking on a 2004 model - I had initially replied here but will now post my own thread.
  10. I would say it is common practice taken to an extreme level.
  11. Thanks, it's not like tangible dust on the surface and whacking the surface does not dislodge it either. The upholstery looked pristine when I got the car last year, but I guess the dealer had it valeted. I suppose I could hire one of those vacs you mention.
  12. My apologies for lack of detail. It's an 04 plate with 1.8 petrol engine. Oil level is less than a quarter down from the high mark. Mileage is approx 50k. It didn't use any oil at all in the year (11k) prior to the last oil change. Since last oil change the level has gone down only very slightly.
  13. Fine on cold start, only noticeable if driving up a slope within first half mile. ..disappears after half a mile or so. O'k on the flat when cold. Possibly brought on by lots of exceedingly short hop drives (due to partner's ankle injury) daily over the past couple of months - engine never really warming up? Oil and filter were changed in July (genuine toyota). A local mechanic who has heard it suggests using 5l of comma flushing oil followed by fresh oil/filter, plus Wynn's hydraulic valve lifter treatment. He reckoned the engine sounded perfectly o'k on initial cold start.
  14. Vacuuming does not suffice. The dark uphostlery is visible discoloured by brown dust marks - looks a bit like light brown water marks - all over, even up the sides of the seat backs. I initially thought this came about because of visiting very dusty countries but I subsequently met another 04 Avensis driver whose identical 04 Avensis had the same problem. Not met with this before on other cars. Also how to restore vinyl fascia without making it slippy? I used matt restorer a few months back but then everything I put up on top of fascia just slid around crazily.
  15. I have bought NGK 2526 BKR5EYA - 11 as suggested by local accessory shop but want to doublecheck they are o'k to use, or should I go to Toyota dealer instead? (My local one said over the phone that a special plug was not listed for my Reg.) How do the clips come off the top off the plug mountings? Do I squeeeze and pull or do small coloured bit in plastic lever need pressing - anything in particular to watch out for - not done this type of engine before . Manual that came with car says not to change plug gap is this correct or is tat only for toyota supplied plugs? I think engine is a 1 AZ
  16. Sorry for belated reply I was abroad at the time in a country with limited internet access and other resources. Thanks for wiring link and yes I guess iso connector was at fault.(should have fitted it before I set out abroad, but had no time) I fixed it with a bodge that consisted of disconnecting relevant wires out of HU from iso and connecting them directly to a cable that I ran along inside of lower dash and out through car body grommet and in through driver door grommet.I forced the cable through pinpoint holes that are so tight they selfseal.
  17. The grommet on the top left (as viewed from rear of car) wasn't seated properly on the roof side - so I managed to get it seated back in properly (with great difficulty) So will see if that cures it. However it is the well on the opposite side that fills more - does the interior gulley run all the way round? Iff so parking the car on a slope toward opposite well might explain that. Does rear light cluster need resealing with anything in particular if I have to remove that?
  18. My 04 model HU was rubbbish compared to the mid range aftermarket unit I put in.
  19. Thanks, I already googled the rubber spring assistors and some commenters felt that because they only beefed up the middle section of the springs, they weakened the other sections of the spring and did not rate them for anything beyond occasional use, such as towing or a short holiday. Guess I'll have to get heavier duty springs - what is a reasonable fitting cost? Any particular motor factors recommended? I have seen internal spring assistors advertised but they are a very steep £160 unfitted. http://www.springassisters.co.uk/
  20. Thanks for the grommet and light cluster suggestions - will have a look. What do I reseal the cluster with? The air vents might be there to prevent condensation, a previous different manufacturer's car I once owned had similar sized sidewells minus air vents and they were prone to rusting. Since first noticing the water ingress I deliberately drove slowly through any deep puddles I came across and still found water in there. I feel it must be something else (as well) because coicidentally I took the rear floor mat out shortly after severe rains to check the spare around 9 mths ago and both wells were dry as a bone.
  21. I'm wondering what I can do about it. I've been carting around a lot of camping/cooking gear in the hatchback and it is sitting a bit low when loaded - taking the not extravagant weight involved into account. It's an 04 plate and has only done 50k with light use from previous owner so I doubt the springs are knackered - it passed the MOT o'k and I doublechecked with the tester that the springs and shocks were fine - plus it doesn't bottom out if I take a speed hump too fast. The rear height is reasonable when unladen. I've carried similar gear in much earlier cars such as the Rover SD1 and Ford Granada without them sitting so low.
  22. Just started happening during the recent rains (2004 avensis hatchback). I can't figure out where it's getting in because the insulation behind the side panel above the side well is dry. It can't just be water splashing up from huge puddles and in through the side air vent covers because the first time I noticed it the floor mat above the side well was also wet. The second time the floor mat was dry but there was a small puddle in the well.
  23. I notice that in the latest Toyota mag they are unashamedly using a couple's journey to Australia in a Rav4 to promote the latest model. I could do with a fresh challenge - preferably in a Land Cruiser ;) France - a doddle. Italy - some really poor roads, unsigned closed passes (in May) and bumperhumpers. Greece - Lovely almost deserted motorway with uncompleted toll booths, all the way across the north. .........Whoosh !!! Turkey - far better roads and drivers than given credit for in the Rough Guide. * Syria - Dear Rough Guide; I did not meet any cars with their headlamps extinguished in order to save on bulb life. :D Jordan - Must hold the world record for stylish Cop Jeeps monitoring traffic along any denomination of road - Traffic humps and quadruple rows of coloured cats eyes embedded across the highway. * Dear Rough Guide; Syrian and Jordanian city driving makes Turkish appear tame. We hired the services of a taxi on the outskirts of Aleppo (for a couple of quid) to guide us to a hotel in the centre of the old quarter. He simply put his foot down, signalling as late as possible whlst jumping lanes left and right in what became a high speed car chase. I just went for it constantly kicking-down and hurtling miraculously unscathed through what looked like impossible gaps.
  24. Well............. We made it without hitch in an 04 1.8 petrol auto. It passed it's MOT without any advisories after first changing a couple of worn tyres upon our return. 11,001 miles for the round (meandering) trip. Heard lots on the world service about wonky later models whilst we were away. Throughout the SE. Med region of Turkey and both Syria and Jordan, well to do drivers of other cars were very complimentary at the rare sight of a uk reg Toyota so far from home. Must have done wonders for rectifying the adverse publicity. So perhaps Toyota will consider sponsoring another trip for us.? We can go head to head for a reliability test against the new model. :D ps. Oil and coolant levels remained constant throughout the journey. (I have now changed the oil and filters)
  25. Thanks but could you spell it out for me, I go foggy when I see wiring diagrams. These are the two charts I have. Wiring.pdf
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