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  1. Well it's a great little runner, it will need a bit of body work but it's been well cared for.
  2. Yes, it was, it's a good little runner. I decided to change as I changed to a job which requires a lot of driving and my little 998cc Yaris no longer felt powerful enough. I really cared for the car but it needed quite a lot of body work, they did, at the dealership consider putting it on the forecourt but, it needed too much work. The estimate was £500 of bodywork, It was badly scratched after I swerved to avoid a head on collision and landed in a bush. On the other side there's a big dent where someone reversed? into the car and drove off. I suspect that it went to aution, was bought and then M2 cars are now selling it. I just hope it goes to someone who cares for it as I did
  3. Having a mooch around Auto trader, no plans to purchase a new vehicle but still like to look and I found my old Yaris for sale. In Manchester, 100 miles away. http://www.m2carsales.co.uk/used-cars/toyota-yaris-1-0-vvt-i-t3-3dr-manchester-201401120967412 Strangely I wasn't bothered when I let the car go when I part exchanged it but, seeing it for sale makes me quite sad. It was a wonderful car and I traveled 30,000 miles in it. I went all over the country in it and in all weathers and it never let me down
  4. I learnt in a BSM corsa too, hated the thing. The handbrakes were useless, I regularly rolled backwards if I wasn't careful. It had no power and was ridiculously easy to stall. I vowed never to own one. I got a Chevy Kalos once as a courtesy car following a bump, now that was a skip in wheels, so uncomfy and poorly built with limited fuel economy. My sister had a Matiz which she loved, I drove it was a nice little car but then she killed it. She came up to visit me, it was -10 that night and she had put plain water in the coolant and it froze solid. It went back to Northampton on the back of an AA van. I'll stick to my Yaris I think....
  5. Thanks I got mine from Lancaster, Wearside. It's a fab little car, certainly much comfier to drive and, being vertically challenged being able to raise the seat up is a great bonus. There's nothing much not to love. It has a couple of minor parking scrapes and a small dint, which is barely noticeable over the back wheel arch. But all in all, it's in great condition and a joy to drive. I find myself driving the very long way round to home as it's such fun to drive
  6. Yes, I part exchanged my 05 plate yaris. This brought the price down to £5000. I don't have keyless start, mine is second generation, not third. Absolutely love the car.
  7. Can I add my six penneth worth? I have just purchased a T Spirit 1.33, 11 plate and with 18000 on the clock. I paid £6800 from a dealership which was a pretty good price. The dealership was having a "pre Christmas sale", I absolutely love it, much nippier than my 998cc 05 plate Yaris (though I still miss that car). The stop start took a while to get used to but it really is great, just pop it into neutral, put the hand break on and take my foot off the accelerator and bobs your uncle. It can be a bit temperamental at times The sat nav is pretty good addition, no circle marks on my windscreen and as a community nurse I use my sat nav a lot. I much prefer the dial to the digital readout.
  8. My first car was a Ford Ka, it never failed me as such but by six years old it was a rust bucket, The car was first registered in 1998, my ex colleague bought an "04" model within 4 years it was starting to rust. The problem was well documented but Ford did nothing. I was forced to get rid of what was a mechanically sound car because the body work was in such a state despite my care. I then got a Yaris, it was a 05 plate, 998cc. I had that car from just turned 4 years old till last Christmas and I cared for it, if it wasn't for the fact that my job changed and with it my mileage increased I would still have that car, it never let me down. I drove it all over the country and in all weathers. My colleague has a Yaris that was registered in 1999, it has never let her down and she, like me has driven it everywhere. I now have an 2011 plate Yaris and I love it, its a 1.33 engine. When the time came to change there was only ever going to be one option for me, another Yaris. I care for my car, a lot and ensure that I know where everything is under the bonnet and how to check everything. I also have it serviced yearly, I think with a Yaris, as with most cars what you put in is what you get out. In my 8 years of driving I can never remember seeing a Toyota broken down at the side of the road..
  9. Thank you, can't wait to get it. Not a bad price either £6800, brought down to £5350 with part exchange my current (battered) 05 plate Yaris.
  10. Test drove the car today and loved it, so much nicer to drive than my current 2005 Yaris. Car is 2011 plate, chilli red 18,086 on the clock. Registered in July 2011 so its got 2 and half years warrently left. All the usual goodies along with sat nav and rear parking sensors. Just got to sort the loan out now....
  11. Thank you, I'll take her to see Mr T, hope it's not going to be too expensive I've already spent close on £500 on my car this year. I am planning on a new car in the next year or so as I need a bigger engine but can't afford it at the minute.
  12. Thanks for your replies, I thought I'd add a couple of other bits of info that might help. My fuel usage doesn't appear to have dropped, I filled her up last Wednesday and got over three hundred miles from my tank which is normal, drove to work and back twice (40 miles) drove local (40 miles) then to Nottingham and back (290 miles) and I haven't notice any foul smell coming from my vehicle when I've had my windows down or when I parked up. My car seems to be accelerating fine too.
  13. I wonder if anyone can shed any light on what might be causing this. I own an 2005 Yaris T3 998 cc when I drive my car from a cold start I don't encounter any problems however, if I park my car up then return to it up to three or 4 hours later and drive when I am idling I have began to notice a strange noise. I haven't been able to location for the noise but it seems to come from underneath the car and from somewhere in the middle of my vehicle. Its hard to describe the noise, the first time I heard it I thought it was a consequence of road works in the distance until I sussed it was my car, for want of a better way of describing the noise is that its like rocks in a biscuit tin. The noise, once the car has fully warmed back up the noise often decreases or stops. I have questioned whether it was my exhaust but would be interested as to what others think. Thank you in advance
  14. Thanks for all your replies, I have kept meaning to come on here and give an update but never had time. It was the brakes at fault. Took it into Mr T, a mechanic took it out and immediately identified the problem on hearing the noise she was making. On stripping the brakes down the calipers were sticking and there was a build up of brake dust, my brake pads were around 70% worn as well so the calipers have been freed, brake carriers have been cleaned up and new brake pads fitted, at the same time they did a safety report of the car and gave her a thorough check up . All seems quiet now was pleasantly suprised at the cost was expecting at least £150 given that its a dealership and it was only £79.99 hope I have no more problems for a while
  15. I need a bit of advise please I have just been away in my Toyota Yaris Phase 1 (MII 05 plate) for a long weekend and covered 600 miles in her. On the way down to Nottingham I started to notice a low pitched whistle from my passenger side but it was only intermittent however as time has went on it has got more frequent and varies with the the speed, the lower the speed the higher the pitch it also seems to happen more frequently at lower speeds. When I start to drive my car the whistelling doesn't start straight away usually starts after 5-10 miles and when I put even the slightest pressure on my brakes its stops and the longer I am braking for (or stopped for) the longer it remains stopped for so if it s just the slightest touch it starts up immediately but if I am stuck at lights it can take a few more minutes to start whistling like a kettle again. The car is running fine and seems to be braking fine no warning lights have come on and there is no burning smell coming from anywhere any suggestions? I am suspecting its something to do with my brake pads. Thanks
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