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  1. I know you're only supposed to use them in fog but I see so many others using them! And it looks so nice!! :-p When I used to use my foglights on my old car I got beeped and flashed at pretty much by every car, but noone has done that with my new car, even when I have passed police cars :o Maybe some fog lights are not as dazzling? I don't know, maybe I shouldn't use them :(
  2. I got one about 2 weeks ago! In orange, about £3 a month more than my Aygo blue was :-P I've named her Marigold :-) Now, in the advertisement video in this thread, I noticed the woman has her front "fog" lights on. Is that legal? Because Marigold has front fogs and I'd like to use them at night with my headlights but the salesman at toyota said I was only allowed to use them in fog :-( Anyone know?
  3. I am looking towards selling my 09 plate aygo blue in the foreseeable future, and i am trying to get her as close to new as possible. I am very careful with my aygo (Strawberry) and have owned her since new. There have been a few unavoidable mishaps in that time however. I recently noticed the passenger side airbag casing thing, on the side of the seat is all scuffed and horrible looking! This has either happened from my freind not taking care with the seatbelt, or getting their baby seat in and out of the back. They said they will "give me some cash for it" but I'm not exactly sure how to rectify this problem, does anyone know?
  4. I was told that but.... I think I would mess it up if I tried.
  5. A few months ago i scraped my darling aygo, Strawberry along the garage wall I am trying to repair it myself but I don't know what I am doing exactly... I got some advice and equipment from Halfords. I have sanded the area (quite well) and primed it. I bought some spray paint from Toyota. The primer has dried for about a day and I gently sanded the edges where the masking tape had been using water aswell (which a friend told me to do) I have 2 questions. 1. What next? and 2. I know I have to put laquer on after the paint but how long does the paint have to dry first, and how long does the laquer take to be dry enough to drive or atleast get Strawberry out of the garage? Please help The pictures are before and the stage I am at now, not sure if it helps.
  6. :-) Why should she be a Corolla? o.O I know her name is a little odd but.... the shape just reminds me of a strawberry, plus I chose the name before I chose the colour... :D As dangermooser said.... you're in the Corolla section I can move the thread to the Aygo section if you want? CRAP! I guess I am having a "stupid day" :S Yes please could you move it, I am not sure how :-)
  7. :-) Why should she be a Corolla? o.O I know her name is a little odd but.... the shape just reminds me of a strawberry, plus I chose the name before I chose the colour... :D
  8. I drove into the garage today and there is a little bit of metal that sticks out from the side that is too low down to see from inside the car. I hit it. It made a horrible sound like my car was squeeling! :-( I looked and it has scraped the paint right off! It is quite a deep scuff too. It's not the first thing either. I clipped a sign post a couple of weeks back too.... I KNOW! I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! So now both sides of the bumper have marks on them! I am a student and I have no money, so I have to fix it myself, it is the only way. I don't know how to though! I have a friend who is a bit of a car expert and they told me I need spray paint (which i have bought from toyota which is an exact match) primer, top coat, something to fill it out, i don't know. Can anyone help by telling me what I need to do?
  9. I bet that was your American fat mother in law wasn't it! Come on, no small hatchback in the world ever is going to take that sort of load. It's a 1 litre car with sub optimal gearing, ie 5th goes to infinity and beyond :D so what do you expect? If you want an all round car go buy a Focus 2.0 dci Titanium Powershift Estate because that is the best car on earth all round for the family. When you go to the Aygo, like any small car, you have to make compromises though. Always has been, always will be. Good luck in finding your motoring Nirvana Andy Hey! I will get a car like that when I have a family, right now I am one small girl and an aygo is perfect for me :P
  10. Well I just wondered because I only had 3 people and a baby in their the other day and it could hardly move, I didn't look to see how close it had gotten to the ground either :|
  11. My manual doesn't seem to tell me, does anyone know how much weight aygos can hold?
  12. Yes I have a dry aygo! I just figured that they had fixed it by the time I bought mine in june 09...
  13. Thanks for the advice, I will try it :-) I don't want to have to pay toyota to do it!
  14. Today when I was carrying a lot of things out of my car I did something REALLY dumb. I managed to smack my keys into the side of the door edge and it has chipped out a tiny amount of paint :-( It is only the size of a pin hole but I know these things cost hundreds of pounds to repair, so I called Toyota and ordered some touch up paint which only cost £7.85. I know this might sound girly but...how exactly do I go about repairing it? Also, should I do anything in the mean time, it will take 2 - 3 days for delivery...
  15. I had only driven about 750 miles when I noticed my brand new aygo was rattling! And I can't work out where it is coming from, my mum thinks it sounds like it is coming from the spare wheel in the boot! I took it into toyota and when I took it out with them to show them it didn't rattle atall, which it doesn't seem to do when it has passengers in it...really odd. It is about 5 months old now and it still rattles but only when I am alone in it. Before I noticed the problem I had recently had the spare wheel changed, so I don't know if this had something to do with it....
  16. Mine is named Strawberry! I chose the name before I chose the colour....
  17. I'm Harriet and I bought a 2009 Aygo blue 3 months back and her name is Strawberry :-)
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