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  1. Well, I have news on this... Recent MOT checked, the Avensis got a Steering Misalignment no-pass. Realigned, and MOT approved. But for magic, the light never came since (1k miles).
  2. On the May 6th TME was asked to comment about the PiP end of production by a close friend of mine... ("official") PHV production halted in May to reconfigure factory line. Resuming production, USA version will cease and all others will keep manufacturing, and sales. My bad, JDM market will also continue.
  3. I know one T25 Avensis 1.6 VVTi and feels less robust than the much older Carina E 1.6 (mine, inherited at 240k miles, now on 280k miles). Well, the Carina E was still made in JP (1993), and by that time the cabin materials were not supposed to be recycled... Fuel consumption not any better, but of course Avensis drinks less oil and weighs more... Steering and handling is sportier in the Carina... I will keep it running as long as possible, and maybe after that
  4. Sorry for the late answer, GC. I've done it during the 20k miles service, for about 80euros extra... my SnowWhite link https://www.spritmonitor.de/en/detail/390149.html
  5. Sorry GC you've lost me, what is the PiP then?Discontinued. PiP production will resume for Europe and Japan, I heard of.
  6. Quite sure. Toyota ATF WS, sold at the dealer by then, their job to provide the correct one.
  7. Having changed my '10 Prius ATF at 20k, 18 months service, showed a decrease in viscosity: New (from the right bottle) 40ºC - 24,6 cSt 100ºC - 5,5 cSt Viscosity at 30 000 km 40ºC - 22,36 cSt 100ºC - 4,99 cSt A little under 10%, not bad. I have read 15% is a good "change now" limit, so maybe 45-60k miles interval is enough for rheological properties to be reset. The problem was...I suspected of some debris from the run-in period...as any gearbox, the first oil gets all the particulates from that... But unfortunately haven't tested that in this sample. From my point of view there is no risk in
  8. Update (or not) Have driven the car a few days ago, both lights VSC and TRC OFF on after 15min (more or less) driving. No ABS light, nor engine. Dealer points again ECU, quoted about 1000euros to replace. If it were a sensor fault (yaw) or other, ABS would lit, wouldn't it?...I think. Any pictures of the ECU (where is located) or part number? Thank you in advance.
  9. Bulbs ok, checked last Sunday. My father says that VSC and TRC lit, but ABS not. Happens in long journeys only. Probably a connection to sensor, ECU, or wiring loom fault somewhere... I'll keep up with this!
  10. Ok, although the car has very recently MOT passed, I'll check if they are working, Thanks again for your replies on this matter! :)
  11. 3 Gen Prius uses that same 2ZR engine (since 2009), and there is no reference of oil consumption whatsowever...
  12. Thank you for your reply. I'll check that. Can you describe where the bulb is? Thx again, best regards!
  13. Hi Aidan, I came here to search an answer to the same issue, and got your thread. My father's Mk2 ZZT250 (2007 1.6 VVTi, with 80k miles odo) every now and then show those lights on - seems only on longer trips. New tyres, pressure ok, no wheel warping. At the dealer, nothing was found (they did link to the OBD, of course), and pointed to a possible ABS ECU fault. I encouraged him to wait (MOT still far away, and if lights not come on then, ok) and look for salvaged/break parts. Did you have any further developments on this subject?
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