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  1. While I agree with compatabilty, I think the suggested idea of using RW discs (whether CD or DVD) is that you can wipe them and reuse them over and over as your preferred tastes change.
  2. I'd agree with others, doesn't sound like bird droppings or anything else... crazing sounds like paint moved, not bonded, or metal moved to me. All in all, I'd have been less honest at the dealers. Denied bird droppings and got them to fix it. But then I'm of the opinion that if a manufacturer can't sort out a paint job that can live up to average every day living without going horribly wrong, then it definitely isn't fit for purpose. Just my 2p worth.
  3. Can't say I'm overly happy about all this indecisiveness that Toyota are displaying. Either it's "mainstream tech", and 3/5 years is good enough... or it's not. That said, at least us that bought it with the shorter warranty can pay for the extra when the time comes.
  4. Hi Alan, have numbered your questions above to make answering individual points easier. Hope this helps. 1. The LED headlights seems pretty good, didn't really notice much difference compared to a previous car with Xenon's. However that's not a scientific measure, nor proof, just my opinion. 2. No front parking sensors available at present. The two corner things are for the IPA. 3. It uses the camera and the sensors at the front to measure distances, spot gaps and white lines and maneuver you into a slot. It's quite cool, a bit gimmicky, and not terribly fast. 4. Not as far as I know. 5. Sorry, can't help here. 6. Reasonable, but then my other car is an MR2 Roadster, so in comparison it seems quiet. 7. The gearbox is one clever bunch of cogs, so no, the engine doesn't rev very highly at motorway speeds, or at least particularly noisily. 8. Very similar to the end user, but closer in experience to CVT, as there's no "kick down", or step changes. It is however neither, and a much smarter solution. 9. I wasn't put off, but the hard plastics certainly don't appeal too much. But then nor does the silver plastic. Hope the above help. Have a Prius T spirit already, so slightly biased I'd guess. However the above are my honest opinions, and not all glowing :)
  5. Lol, not as much as having picked it up a few months ago, and got sod all extra.
  6. I used to use a Dension IceLink and it was very similar. One thought (not backed up by any real research) is that perhaps proper Ipod integration just isn't really possible.
  7. I've got the auto-headlights and they work very well, sensitivity is about right, and I don't find myself overriding them intentionally. Be aware that with auto and in daylight you have no DRL, not even pretend. In the USA where they do have the autodim mirrors they aren't that brilliant because the sensor sits in the shadow of the rear spoiler. In fact, the rear spoiler does a great job of blocking out headlights at night Yep, have the autodim mirror too... and it's pointless. As you say it sits in the shadow of the rear spoiler. Unfortunately now and again some of the mirror will get headlights on it, and you get dazzled, but as the sensor is the last thing to come out of the shadows, it won't dim, and you can't override it. Occasionally annoying.
  8. I personally find it's notion of "Climate Control" a bit far fetched. Without the A/C on (Which I find I have to do manually), it can't cool the car very well, and as such the temp setting is almost academic. With A/C on the air comes out very cold, and it varies the fan speed a little depending how far it is from. However regardless it's still blowing very cold air at me. It has never turned A/C on by itself when too hot, or turned it off when about right. As such I find it quite hard to get the right temp. Something I'm not used to from previous cars.
  9. Strangely only seem to get the rear seatbelt screen when someone is sitting back there... otherwise defaults to the last screen I was on. And yes, think it shows who's buckled up, though can never remember which way round it is.
  10. Wouldn't bother... unless you drive it like you stole it, the hybrid bit does most of the stopping most of the time, so consequently you'll not use the actual brake pads much at all. Net effect, much much less brake dust.
  11. phil4

    Gen3 Sat-Nav

    To sit somewhere in the middle just remember that it's not as easy as "with or without". If you wanted the TSpirit options, such as reversing camera, HD audio, option for LED pack, then apart from sourcing each separately 3rd party you have no option but to take the satnav. In that regard it's not so easy to say that it cost £1500 either. By the same token the cost of upgrade is causing concern, not by the fact it costs... but by the fact it's more than many people have paid for similar upgrades in the past.... and as you can imagine, something not made clear when purchased (yes, I did ask... they had no idea).
  12. Sorry, nothing here... never done it. 8000miles in.
  13. I think once I have a bit more corroborating evidence (not doubting Avensis99, but also don't want to look a plank), will happily complaining.
  14. phil4

    Scratch Magnet?

    I thought exactly that, but it's on both sides... and haven't ever been anywhere where that would occur.
  15. phil4

    Gen3 Sat-Nav

    I'm afraid I don't understand the implications of "Gracenote". Could someone explain it to me please? It says that the latest mapping data is 2009 - 2010 ver.1 and the latest Gracenote (CDDB) : Ver.01029 Looking at the information on my own car, which I bought last September, the mapping data as supplied is 2008 - 2009 Ver 1 and Gracenote (CDDB): Ver. 01029. The Gracenote database is the one that recognises CDs when you put them in the stereo (and record them to the harddrive), and thus can save you time typing in titles. For hopefully obvious reasons it'll only know about CDs older than it. This update I understand is also updated with the maps. But agree that Toyota do not currently have an updated version.
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