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  1. Happy Birthday kennyboy!

  2. kennyboy

    1 Or 2

    i have had iq 2 and 3 but i heard the basic iq is fab and is sometimes rated by journalists as the best buy you will not be dissapointed in either.. i like the colour also
  3. nice like them looking cool mate
  4. just checked older posts and tarquin had answered question about side protecters, cheers mate
  5. iq 3 white a storm troopers helmet called little budda a year old and still loving it as it is but always looking to improve.. love what other members have done to thiers though...like the way some have placed side protecters in different positions on doors. ps where can i get alliminium ones.. a would like a screen stripe with little budda on it any advice getting it done???
  6. kennyboy

    My Iq Project

    hi sally kennyboy here i had an iq2 now have the iq3 but i really miss my i love my iq sticker that is on the back of your fabulous car.. i loved reading your posts and your affection for a trully great car made individaul by yourself .... have you any idea where i can get this sticker or any other cool ones????
  7. what i would like too see now is a range of accessaries that are affordable for the iq.. similar to what citreon are doing with new range to individualize you iq ... i call mine little budda.. i like the efforts people have used with wheels but a range of body or decal for toyota would be nice.. what you think folks
  8. kennyboy

    Soeleys Iq

    like the sidec skirt did you get it with car ???
  9. similar story i was looking for a fiat 500 and saw one in toyota garage i had only see the iq on the toyota advert for new range... instantly fell for iq bought it that day and am aware fiat has the history but i hope the iq will evolve to be a bigger and more profilic icon .... it beats the fiat in all catogorys for me. i have had two iqs now iq2 and iq3 both have qualities that define each.. i am waiting to see in next few years what this little car embraces to change it has a fantastic grounding for greater things . just look at the mini
  10. i get about 50/ 53 it is a great car and i like the heavier feel of the 1.3 in motorway traffic i have had both iloved my iq 2 also
  11. thank guys, a will contact the garage they are however a little early as i got the car on nov the first. so i will try and arrange a date around this time cheers for feedback...
  12. hi folks i have an iq3 and the garage has reminded me of up and comming service . i have only done 2500 miles can i pospone till milage higher. i have a two year service plan.
  13. kennyboy

    Iq At Night

    really like the look of you car i am trying to get the front of mine to look a little tougher any suggestions
  14. this is the drovers inn in loch lomond brilliant place to drive too and visit try it !!!
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