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  1. Looking very good mate, I would like that bumper for my car, maybe one day one will come up for sale
  2. Well im still here guys, sorry for the lack of up dates, been away sunnning myself on a greek island. I think I have a cv joint on its way out as when I reverse on steering lock im hearing a clicking noise. Still got to fit my new side light bulbs, but my HIDS kit is still working very well.
  3. Wheels look really good mate, but as said it does need to be lowered to finish it off
  4. Yesterday I went to a piston heads show, it was a charity afair at a childrens hospice just out side Bristol.
  5. Looks like a clean example mate
  6. Wish you had done pics of removing the system and of fitting the new manifold lol
  7. Have you noticed any differences with the air injection system removed ? Whats the difference with the Celica exhaust manifold ?
  8. Im liking the bardocde made in japan sticker
  9. I don't qualify for that sticker any more. i need this: How old are you Adam, ive just turned 31
  10. OK im fitting them tomorrow, I was going to fit them tonight but we have had heavy rain
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