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  1. Hi i've just part ex my celica t sport for my aygo :). What are the best mods and what gains will i get? I noticed that the aygo airbox has not got a direct air feed from the exterior so will i benefit from a direct cold feed. if anyone has done this have they seen any gains in response? Thnaks
  2. HI i have a t sport 190bhp and my friend has a 140bhp , but its more like a 180bhp now lol. anyway :). his car can beat mine to 60 if launched right, because he has: Performance Mods *Cat cams sport not sure the profile or duration of the cam though. *Sports exhaust manifold *Sports cat (for mot laws) *Custom cat backsystem from longlife. *Short ram air intake. *PiggyBack ecu. *Hes stripped out the interior and spare wheel. It havent been dyno'ed but i think 180bhp is a fair guess with those mods. He says hes done it all before mapping for £1200 mapping various where we live.
  3. Hi welcome to the forum :), *Most important thing is to check to see that lift functions properly, as early 190's used to suffer with the lift bolts breaking if i remeber rightly, Just your basic checks to then. Hope this has helped :)
  4. Im not sure if its true or not but the prefaclift vvt-i 1zzfe engines did used to suffer from high oil consumption due to the worn piston rings if i can remember rightly. So imo i would fill it up to the maximum line and just check it at least once a week to keep check on the level. :)
  5. Ok thanks :) il take a look on ebay il see what turns up, did you notice a difference with throttle response, power or torque. What do you think of the sound of the exhaust?
  6. Hi,cone filters offer better air intake because it has more surface area, but if you havent got a cold air feed and heatshield there will be alot of heat soak from the engine. My m8 had a 140celica and had a induction kit fitted and it felt hesitant and slower to respond. We now know why :) , its because the induction kit we had, had a bigger bore(circumference) pipework compared to stock. This then has less air pressure because of the bigger pipework the air mass picks this up and for some reason this causes a bogging effect before acceleration occured. We then modified the original airbox pipe so that we kept the original bore pipework, after we modified it it had no hesitation and a strong response over standard :). So long story short lol if you get a induction kit mak sure the pipework is the same diameter :)
  7. Sooty22 where did you order your exhaust from, im looking for 1 for my tsport thanks
  8. Hi halek where did you purchase your blueflame exhaust, as i am looking for a exaust for my t sport at the moment. thanks :)
  9. Thanks for the advice, il get in touch with him and il leave you know how i get on. :) Just to leave you guys know. I took my car 2 work today and I tapped the head with help from the master technician lol. The original bolt was a m10 but i opted for a 7/16 bolt, i borrowed a 7/16 tap off another mechanic and with a touch of exhaust paste for extra reasurance i can now say my manifold is leak free :D finely.
  10. Thanks for the advice, il get in touch with him and il leave you know how i get on. :)
  11. Hi i need help, i have had a blowing exhaust manifold since i purchased the car, it claimed to have been done before by what i can call as cowboys because when i went to take off the manifold yesterday to change the gasket i removed a suspisious bolt that had been rammed in, on further inspection they have ripped the threads out of the head for the bolt in the middle of the manifold. So my question is as any 1 tried to tap a head on the t sport in situ, isit possible and its ali so can be a pain, because i dont fancy taking the head off. 55plate Celica T-sport it has egr on the manifold also :) Thanks
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