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  1. Pam S

    Wrong Oil

    Well I suffered a weekend's driving with the 10-40 oil and reckon I lost about 10 percent of my usual fuel economy. Unlike other contributors to this board I did actually manage to achieve a couple of 70+ mpg peaks on my manhattan but that was when I was driving like a little old lady (which I am, actually) or at 75mph on a long downhill stretch of the M80. I also noticed that the 'magic button' didn't give me quite the Power mode I was expecting. Car went in for an oil change on Tuesday. 5-30 has had been agreed. Since Toyota Customer Service had told Arnold Clark, Linwood that technical department was 'reasonably happy' with 5-30 in the UK we didn't feel able to argue at that stage. However, yay Melissa! We are putting together the bits and pieces for our next service including things like 'Please use the correct Gen 3 checklist' and a print-out of Melissa's post and will go a few more rounds if they don't put 0-20 in next time as recommended. Really glad I raised the subject here. Thanks everyone. Pam S
  2. Pam S

    Wrong Oil

    We were shocked - we bought our Yaris Verso from them some years ago (not new) and they have always treated us (and it) very well indeed. Now we buy one of the more expensive cars in the showroom (T-spirit with leather) and they don't know how to look after it properly. And yes, the checklist was for a Prius Gen 2. But if I understand what others have said correctly, the Prius Gen 2 shouldn't have 10-? in it either and AC at Linwood must have been putting the stuff in for years! My husband spoke to Toyota Customer Support yesterday and was told that UNDER NORMAL UK WEATHER CONDITIONS Toyotal Technical Department are 'reasonably happy' with the 5-? oil being used although the recommended oil is as stated in the user guide, 0-? (sorry - lots of things on mind at the mo and numbers are slipping away). Under no circumestances should the 10-? have been used and they were going to phone Linwood and ask why they were using it in the Prius. The point for us, though, is that we live in Scotland - we often have rather colder winters than 'normal UK weather conditions'. The other point we need to make is that if the 5-? is used it should be changed for the preferred oil at the next oil change. I'm taking the Prius on a longer trip this w/e - again one I do fairly regularly so I know what my manhattans should look like at different places along the route. Will report back. Thanks everyone Pam S
  3. Pam S

    Wrong Oil

    Thanks all. Husband is now looking up phone numbers and working out best way of tackling this. We've done one trip of about 130 miles since the service and I felt our manhattans weren't as good as they usually are on that run (Edinburgh and back - we do it fairly regularly). Really rather hacked off about this. We shouldn't have to chase approved service centres to use the right oil! At least we can tell our Arnold Clark that Aberdeen Arnold Clark have done the right thing! Thanks for that! Pam S
  4. Pam S

    Wrong Oil

    Our Gen 3 has just had its first service (Arnold Clark at Linwood, near Glasgow). Having read all the stuff about making sure that they used the recommended oil I forgot to remind my husband about it when he took the car in. I remembered when he got back and so he phoned to find out what oil they had used. I would have put money on these guys getting it right - we've used them with our other Toyotas for several years, have built up a good relationship and generally found them reliable and trustworthy. The service manager told us "10-40 - all Toyotas are 10-40." Not the Prius Gen 3, we said, and quoted the owners' guide. We took out the service plan which covers servicing for 3 years (I think) and one assumes that servicing would be according to manufacturers' recommendation. Anyway, clearly we have released a cat from the bag and put it amongst some pigeons. At the moment it has been agreed that the car will go back next week and the oil replaced with 5-? (can't remember, but it was the second choice I think) with the comment that we won't be charged 'this time'. Sorry - why should we be charged at all? Slightly hopping mad about this. What have others done to ensure the right oil is used? (Since we've paid up front I'm not inclined to buy my own oil and take it along.) Is there any point in trying to get Toyota to do a bit of leaning on service centres? Pam S
  5. Yes, we had sussed that - but even at its highest point the mirror gets in the way (for me anyway). But I think the new set up is probably livable-with. Thanks everyone Pam S
  6. Many thanks - worked a charm. Will worry about the anti-dazzle when I have to! Cheers
  7. I think the driver's seat is quite perfectly positioned for me and the adjustment up or down would have to be quite large for the mirror not to be in the way. Hubby is planning to ask the Toyota dealer's advice before we wrench the blessed thing off! Pam S
  8. I'm finding that the rear-view mirror is in EXACTLY the wrong place for me. It is slap bang in the middle of my line of sight so that when approaching a roundabout or motorway sliproad, vehicles approaching from the left are invariably hidden behind this wretched mirror. I have to move my head back and forth to look around the obstruction. Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone been able to remove and reposition the mirror? Pam S
  9. I've been wondering about that. Our K800i was never Vodafone and, I think, has the latest SE firmware. I suppose, in the interests of empirical study I should delete all the phones and try with his first. But I'm not inclined to! Pam S
  10. That's interesting - my original post was because my husband's K800i didn't have full functionality! Pam S
  11. We tried very hard to buy our Prius from the dealership nearest our home. We went along one evening when there were hardly any customers around, and absolutely no sales staff to be seen. We asked at the service counter and were told, 'he's on the phone'. Only one sales apparently. So we went back the following day and managed to speak to a salesperson who said she would phone us to arrange a test drive when the demonstrator model came in - probably two days later. No phone call but we knew the car was there, so we phoned. Yes, the saleswoman would phone us back the next day to arrange a test drive. No phone call. Two days later we went to the next nearest dealership, did a test drive, signed on the dotted line for leather upholstery and protection pack, sorted the scrappage, and a few other bits and pieces (mudflaps, mats and roof rack - don't ask!). Total value over £24K. Three days later we got a call from the first dealership to ask if we wanted to arrange another test drive since we hadn't turned up for our appointment. What appointment? Oh, she must have forgotten to phone, oh well, would we like a test drive. Sorry, no - got fed up with trying to buy from you and signed contract with your competitor. No problem - was the reply. Well, actually, madam, it really should be a problem that you've lost a 24K deal but have it your own way! Pam S
  12. Many thanks - very helpful. He now needs to negotiate with our son ....
  13. Pam S

    Eco <> Power ?

    We were also rather flummoxed by the terminology - our salesman didn't refer to 'normal' mode and our test drive was all in eco or power mode. We spent the first 50 miles in 'normal' mode by default - but after doing our homework we tried out Eco and Power (haven't tried EV yet) and also Cruise Control. I'm fairly sure that with time we'll learn to use the Power button like 'kick-down' in our previous automatics. We've not had any grating of metal yet. This is the first car we've ever had where we feel we need a co-pilot with the manual to hand! But we love it! Pam S
  14. That would be very helppful - thanks. Except that I'll still argue that she whose phone works gets to drive! Pam S
  15. Mm was afraid that might be the case. I guess the one whose phone works gets to drive then - yay! Pam S
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