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  1. Hello,

    I have a 2016 Verso.

    When I first had my Verso I had great washer jets. They have now 'faded'.

    On previous cars, a careful clean and adjustment with a pin soon sorted them.

    Have tried with this one with no success. They are very hard to get to and adjust in any way. I now have the nearside partly on screen but also over the roof and the offside sparying generally on screen. Far worse than they were.

    So much harder to adjust than the old Corolla Verso.

    Any others had any problems or anyone with any hints for success?



  2. Hi,

    Have 4 bikes to transport. Originally we had two on the roof and two on the back. I really disliked the rear carrier for a number of reasons. 1. Once on you could not open up the boot. 2. It was not secure to be left as it did not lock onto the roof. 3. It was always very bouncy at the back when the rack was on.

    We bought two more racks for the top and now have 4 on top. We drive often with them including a drive to Scotland once in a while (600 miles). It feels so much more secure with the roof racks.

    Roof racks are great. 1. They lock onto the car and the bikes are locked to the racks. 2. It all feels really secure. 3. You can still access the boot ok. 4. I am not exactly tall (5'9") but can easily get the bikes on and off in 3 minutes for all the bikes!

    We have Thule bars and 4 Halfords advanced racks on a 2007 2.2Td. We had to buy feet as we did not have roof bars there already.



  3. After some up and erring I have made a purchase.

    I was all up for getting a Thule system. I thought I would see what Halfrauds had.

    They are currently doing 1/3 off the bike carriers if you reserve on-line.

    At the shop my eye caught the High Mount model. As their experienced and knowledgeable staff couldn't tell me whether it would definitely fit my car, I decided to risk it (or just return it). They would not sell it to me for the web price so I went home and reserved it and then went back an hour later to get the very same one although it was £30 cheaper.

    Having now got it on the car, I would definitely recommend it. For only £60 I can fit 3 adult bikes on and not need a light bar. It feels really solid when on and was worth the initial adjustment time of an hour in order to get it just right each time.


  4. After a lot of umming and ahhrring we went for Thule, yes, but a different model. This one...


    It folds up when not in use. It hasn't had what I would describe as extensive use yet, but I took my son's bike on a couple of 2hr trips down to Uni in Devon from Dorset, and there was no windage noise, no movement, no wear of parts and complete visibility of the lights, so no silly lighting bar. We used to have an ali one made by Fiamma for a Sharan, and by comparison, this steel one is heavier, but it still hangs nicely in the garage after use, and is easily fitted by one person, with some good quality large plastic pads to spread the load. Atm, I would say "recommended".


    Thanks Pop for replying, sorry for the delay.

    I will have a look at your suggestion, Thule certainly is a good brand.

    Further news if and when I make a decision!


  5. Have now had the Corolla Verso (07 2.2d TR) for 6 months and am really pleased.

    I am looking for any suggestion re a bike carrier. We were looking for a high mount which hopefully won't obscure the lights/number plate as we don't have any electrics ready and this would increase the cost.

    Currently looking at either the Mont Blanc universal Rear High Mount (here) or the Thule 968 (here)

    Any suggestions or recommendations?




    Whilst I was cleaning the windows and checking fluids etc, I thought I would have a little play. One screw to take the switch apart and then I scraped back some of the metal on the back of the switch around the screw hole as this is where earth is made to the car. Popped it back in and it all now works as it should.

    I hope that this also solves your problem.

    Seasons Greetings,


  7. When the car doors are unlocked you have 30 seconds to open any door before they are automatically locked again. This is normal.

    Not when I have both the back doors open!


    I also have the same on my 2007 TR but only on the rear offside door. It is interesting if I compare it to the nearside one where it seems to work correctly. Having only had the car since September this year, it really threw me when I almost locked myself out of the car!

    I will get my dealer (Tollhouse Horsham) to have a look at some point in the new year.

    I'll let you know as and when it is resolved.


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