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  1. Further to this situation. I have just got the bill from my garage - over £700.00! The labour content was 10 hours at £47 an hour and they reckon the job took nearer 18. I'm gobsmacked......seems that as the adjusters were in solid the arms wouldn't come off without bending the mounting points so it was time consuming to cut through and get them out. On top of which they claim not to get a trade discount on parts from Toyota and put 28% on the price. They have been good to me in the past so maybe this is payback time. I can't get a straight answer out of my local Mr T dealer on job times etc so Anchorman any input on this one?
  2. The garage had to burn out the big trailing arm bushes and replace them, the smaller control arm bushes were not available seperately so they drilled out the central eccentric adjusting bush/washer as it was rusted in solid as were all the others. A seven tonne press would not push them out! They have assembled it all back together with lashings of grease so now all I have to do is drive another 25 miles to Exeter to get the alignment adjustment done - the whole saga has taken over a month with the vehicle off the road for a week and cost in excess of £300.00!
  3. I tghought I would update this request with further information. The tracking check revealed the toe and camber on both rear wheels was out, worse on the offside resulting in the wear on the inside tyre edge. The adjustment cams were rusted into the bushes on all four adjustable arms resulting in the puchase of new bolts, bushes and nut plates (over £90.00 from Mr T.). The tyre centre couldn't get them out but only after trying on 3 visits with a total travel distance of 150 miles! The big bush in the rear trailing arm needed replacing as the bush could not be extracted and the car has spent a week in my local garage. They are drilling out the lower control arm adjustable bush as you cannot buy the rubber bush it is in on its own - only fitted to a new arm for £150.00 each! So beware if your rear tracking is out - it could cost a bit more than a quick £55 optical track to fix. In fact I wish I had decided to keep replacing the tyres - it might have been cheaper!
  4. Thanks Anchorman. Having been lurking here for a year or so I'm aware of the general "ambience" of the site! I felt lucky that Bothy hadn't chipped in to tell me it needed supercharging or something (in Gaelic no doubt). I'll get the old girl (the RAV not SWMBO) checked at Protyre in Exeter who have been recommended to me for optical wheel alignment and report back.
  5. First post so be gentle. My wife has a 2003 4.2 2.00 petrol and we have two problems (or they may be linked), it seems very sensitive (noisewise) to what tyres we put on the rear. It came with Bridgestone Duellers and when they were up for replacement I put a pair of General Grabbers - horrendous road noise. Swapped back to Duellers and the noise disappeared, now we have a whine which is not mechanical and I have had all the transmission and suspension checked for wear etc. It occurrs at 40-50 mph and is linked to road speed. The tyres have been checked and are in good order except that...... I have recently noticed a feathering on the tread on the inside of the OSR tyre and my local garage recommends a 3D wheel alignment. Has anyone else suffered from excessive tyre noise and is rear suspesion misalignment a common problem with the RAV or has SWMBO kerbed the sucker and knocked something askew?
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