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  1. I have some TTE Springs that have just come off my compressor.
  2. I would be tempted to install the stage 2 cams on a compressor.
  3. all true. My shocks were replaced with new ones one of them has destroyed its self within a space of 5 months. Its under warranty so hasnt cost me anything. am pushing for TRD Coilovers, as there are none of the oem shockers available anymore, and warranty company paying for them i just need a definite answer they cant get anymore of the original ones. I have custom exhaust, happy with that. The supercharger job is a 30min job, what's actually annoying is that the gasket is now discontinued! And its only v-power and more like 18-20mpg :P
  4. Well it was for sale at toyota in Sheffield. Sold within 3 days of it been there, was cheaply priced.
  5. Was it a red compressor in Sheffield by any chance?
  6. Hi all, hoping someone can shed light, i need the dimensions of the Auxiliary belt for the compressor as i wont be able to take it off for the dimensions for a while.
  7. etihad


    Hi all my dad is buying a toyota avensis T2 2004 with 33,000miles for £3000. It has full service history. Are there any common faults? Should we be worried regarding the oil faults in these engines? Thanks in advance.
  8. Where did u get the filter protecter from mate?
  9. Have a look at my post regarding tte bumper
  10. No thats fine. If you feel the change over there is a problem, you may feel abit of a shunt thats fine. Upload some pictures mate.
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