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  1. I have some TTE Springs that have just come off my compressor.
  2. I would be tempted to install the stage 2 cams on a compressor.
  3. all true. My shocks were replaced with new ones one of them has destroyed its self within a space of 5 months. Its under warranty so hasnt cost me anything. am pushing for TRD Coilovers, as there are none of the oem shockers available anymore, and warranty company paying for them i just need a definite answer they cant get anymore of the original ones. I have custom exhaust, happy with that. The supercharger job is a 30min job, what's actually annoying is that the gasket is now discontinued! And its only v-power and more like 18-20mpg :P
  4. Well it was for sale at toyota in Sheffield. Sold within 3 days of it been there, was cheaply priced.
  5. Was it a red compressor in Sheffield by any chance?
  6. Hi all, hoping someone can shed light, i need the dimensions of the Auxiliary belt for the compressor as i wont be able to take it off for the dimensions for a while.
  7. etihad


    Hi all my dad is buying a toyota avensis T2 2004 with 33,000miles for £3000. It has full service history. Are there any common faults? Should we be worried regarding the oil faults in these engines? Thanks in advance.
  8. Where did u get the filter protecter from mate?
  9. Have a look at my post regarding tte bumper
  10. No thats fine. If you feel the change over there is a problem, you may feel abit of a shunt thats fine. Upload some pictures mate.
  11. Many people are mistaken this has to do with the climate ambient temperature. Cars in hot climates and areas of high humidity also suffer. The heat from the coolant isn't to change the incoming air temperature its to reduce the effects of latent heat being drawn from the fuel device. It's exactly the same principle as to how a fridge works. Let's look at it this way. If you dip your finger into petrol and then take it out - why does your finger feel cold. It's because as the petrol is evaporating it is actually drawing heat from your finger. Apply this principle to the fuel device. As the fuel flows and is sprayed the body of the unit with loose heat to point where the mouisture in the incoming air will condense and then freeze blocking the fuel outlets which will be the coldest component. Just as your body compensates when you try the petrol example so the warm coolant has the same effect. I'm an engineer and I can't help but yawn. (trying to find yawn smiley) nrgizerbunny,, you are so wrong with that , yawning smiley, hat james is saying is totally correct, its just your lack of understanding, sorry mate, I might scan in my degree certificate to show lack of understanding. What is said is true. Same reason planes have carb heat. Got the shock of my life 9 months ago as i descended 2000ft only to forget carb heat on cold with low rpm and engine started stuttering, if i hadn't noticed it in time i would of soiled my seat.
  12. No i didnt disconnect the battery school boy error lol. Everyone is saying vac pipe(s). The compressor only has 1 vac pipe. Its all sorted now, i blocked the vac plug and reset everything no lights and running sweet as a nut. Im addicted to the supercharger whine and roar sound ....not good on bank account lol.
  13. Stay away! As he is already lied about the basic information!
  14. Am sure there is only one hose not two, and it's connected to the top part of the air box. It's 2.75.
  15. Right, I'll give it a go. I'm in need of some help. I bought a powertec induction for the compressor, apart from missing instructions and bracket I managed to connect it all in. However am now getting the TRC off/VRC and engine lights on. I thought this was due to the maf sensor, I've reset the battery more than once. however i don't think its a big problem. Am not too sure what to do with one of the pipes that was connected to the OEM air box. Its a small pipe. below are the pictures i took before and after i think my problem is to do with that. This is what i had it on when the lights kept coming on. I've have drawn a red circle around where the vac pipe, i wasn't sure if it connected to where it is. I decided to take the pipe off and cap it where it was connected is that what you do? However am now left with this, what do i do? do i need to block that off too? These are the lights am getting. it normal comes on when i go for a drive, stop and come back and switch the engine on. This is the pipe that i took off. Am i right in doing so?
  16. Hi all, whats best way to clean maf sensor?
  17. Hi all, Am wanting some advice, am sure your all aware some corolla's came with a full colour satnav system with the cars. Am wondering if anyone can shed light on this. Pfl corolla t sports had a green console lights where the fl has red. Were the satnav's any different? As in the button colours? Was the fl satnav buttons red? I know that the standard radio's had different button colours for fl and pfl. Thanks
  18. Yeah looks ok, worst come to worst a new bumper from toyota and a coat of paint will get it as good if not better. Its panels you gotta worry about.
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