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  1. Its been registered as a 2.0 on DVLA 1999 ? think it might be a ringer - i will stay clear... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1999-V-TOYOTA-CELICA...=item3a544f4693
  2. Hi all, I have seen a gen 7 celica for sale locally and its advertised as a 2.0ltr, the seller says the imported models are 2.0ltr? is this true or has it had an engine swap? the car is up for £2600, year is 1999 many thanks in advance
  3. Yes your right blmvf is the frame sorry, new to this. The engine is indeed a 3SGE SSII import which seems to have a spec of 180ps which when converted to hp is (0.9863201652997627 * 180 = 177.53763hp ) about 178 BHP or am i missing something again? As for the fog switch yes spot on mate like I said just had it a day and thought it looked like a diy mod hence my query. This is my first JAP car so got a lot of catching up to do ... As for any other mods it looks like stock apart from the bad O/S/F CV and knackered bearing. lol Thanks for the reply
  4. Hi mate thanks for the reply, you are right it looks like someone just put the badge on the back.The engine is a BLMVF and it has the strut brace so i think its the 180 bhp version as it has been imported. There is a switch with a light just below and to the left of the steering column, any ideas as to what kind of a mod this might be. the light is not working so I guess its not working. Is there a common 2 wire mod to the st202? I will try and trace the wires at the weekend . Many thanks for the reply. Cheers mate.
  5. Hi all, I am new here so please forgive my noobishness, i HAVE JUST BOUGHT A 1996 TOYOTA CELICA ST202 TRD. (IMPORT) Can anybody explain the TRD - is it a sportier engine, and are the parts different? I will check the engine tomorrow as I have literally just drove it home. Cheers any help would be appreciated.
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