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  1. hello to all toyota

    i have a toyota previa 96 the problem is that it misfire now i tell u a story

    about 3 years ago i took it to mot test but it fail on fuel emmisons i put some fluid in the petrol tank then i took it again it fail then the garage guy put some more fluid then it pass the mot but the petrol tank was low i took the car home it started to misfire then i left it for 3 years parked now i took it to the garege they put in new spark plugs but 1 of the spark lead was broken they put new spark lead

    it still was misfireing then they done a test on the engine they said 1 of the piston is low Compression they said get a new engine

    now i took it to diffrent garage they said they put some fluid on the piston they it might be jam it's been 2 week's now he said come back on monday 14th september now i'm gona go and check it out i told if the piston have gone i can get them for you he said it will cost you £700 to repair but he said if you get a engine it will cost you £500 but in birmingham find out fo £600 plus fitting i hope the engine ain't gone can any1 help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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