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  1. Its a Diesel allright, Plus its a 52 plate prefacelfit with the conversion of my old tte bumper and the teardrop headlights. I had an encounter with it on the highway yesterday.
  2. Its only for the while, the St was a steal of a buy and just been sitting there. Plus sis wants to learn to drive and i cant afford to hold two cars on the drive.
  3. Hi guys been a while due to working long long shifts, managed to do a few more mods and hers some recent pics after a quick wash i finally got her to look like a compressor, a car i fell in love with 4 years ago. Shame she has to go to a new home, my Fiesta St has finally come out of bodyshop so i will be using that for a while. I should be back on the Jap scene early february hopefully, maybe another corolla, or maybe tempted to give the Auris a try.
  4. hows your bumper coming along chris? any luck with the fogs
  5. ahh mate i thought you got them from your other post. ill try and find the two i have lying around
  6. have you checked your undertrays and arches arent loose?
  7. Yo looking lush! especially on those black spokes. Btw how much did it all cost in the end new? Again like most have said there is defo a colour difference, like i know there would be a slight difference with age but all those photos show a big difference in the shade, the last pic for example has a darker bumper and lighter body. I would take it back and get him to do the bumper again, although the painter may claim its gonna take time to blend etc cause a fuss! You can blend it but i wouldnt advise it as when you do take the bumper off then it will be noticable on the bodywork with the old bumper.
  8. i think someone on the forum did drill their airbox, im sure someone will remember , if not have you read harwoods diy guide he recently posted? or if all else fails then has two used typhoon kits at auction, buy it, use it, resell it?
  9. Looking very nice! red corollas are the ones! defo needs tints, 50% all round should look nice,check my build tread for pics as mines got them. Also get the darkend side lights from fensport, the will add to the look!
  10. those part numbers are very usefull! thanks Chris congrats on the buy worth every penny, tbh tho i dont think the standard fogs fit as i tried it. they have a different shape and are h7's in the tte bumper, try it and let me know as i need a new fog lamp.
  11. Bumper ftw!, do you really need a parking assistant? or would you rather the car looking unique? i get so many people ask me about the car especially the bumper as theyve never seen it before, i just came back from trax tonite and someone offered to swap the car for a civic> he withdrew that immeaditly when i told him it was a 1.4 lol im tempeted to sell mine as my new projects nearly done
  12. i know of someone selling tpsort alloys up in scotland, give me a pm and ill point you in the right direction
  13. yh but that trick doesnt do all the dents, like he said the dent has to have been bounced in if theres a crease it wont work.
  14. I think you should paint the whole engine bay red lolllll, no looks very good, but what i like the most is the wheel nuts! get some more pics of them!! also do they have a locking nut?
  15. Just a thought If someone put a tsport/compressor into storage for a couple of years with say below 20k milage....would it rise in value being rare, low milage and nearly new condition?
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