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  1. Ill be there but with a different club, if you see the clan japan stand come and say hi.
  2. Yep there is: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=128420&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  3. Sorry for the delay, those mounts look ok to me, the gap you see is normal but when the bonded part starts cracking thats a sign of failure.
  4. Hi would there be any chance you could take a pic of the mounts in question? I did it at my work and used a two poster ramp. The box can be lifted in and out with just one person but its so much easier to get someone to help out, its not a very heavy gearbox. I put a transmission jack under the engine and lowered it down enough to clear the chassis rails.
  5. All depends, have you got some vice grips? I changed mine and they gave up a good fight.
  6. Yep ive just done mine, it can be done with out removing the subframe but its a pain in the *****, i just removed the subframe. Remember to mark the subframe against the chassis otherwise you run the risk of the steering wheel sitting of centre or the car crabbing down the road. I had my box out in about 2 hours with some faffing around (breakfast lol), its not that bad of job to do. Spray some release oil on all the bolts, to aid easy removal. I would leave the slave cylinder unless its showing signs of leaking. If you need more help just ask, if i dont reply send me a PM as im not online much.
  7. From the sounds of it possible a maf sensor fault. The corolla only has one cat an its at the front, is that the one they replaced?
  8. Thats a shame, good luck with the new motor. What did you buy?
  9. No an no. Most garages will have a code reader, or some members on here have one have a look at a topic pinned at the top of this section.
  10. No just the cams would need doing. Its a hard job replacing the cams, you need to know how to set the timing 2zzge perfectly.
  11. Davie get the old gasket lay it on the new gasket paper, draw round it an cut it out, badda bing badda boom your done ;-)
  12. I disagree on the beans, tesco beans taste good to me haha. Luk supply many manfactures, so toyota clutches are prob just luk anyway. Go for the luk. Last time I did a clutch the box was yellow n black.
  13. It has sat for 3 days tho, what discs did you use?
  14. If you take of the black panel around the bonnet latchvyou can unclip the badge, but if you cant do that then unclipping the grill is just as easy.
  15. It is normal for discs to rust esp when left for 36hrs but the rear discs look like the pads only touches the centre of the discs surface. Does the rear go shiny again or does it leave rust on the surface of the discs?
  16. Your up for anything stewart. Good to see we have some interest. Ill put some dates together soon. I wanna get up to crail a few times next year too.
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