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  1. Happy Birthday Rev it hard!

  2. hi i want a celica vvtli engine cover if anyone got one for sale thanks russell
  3. Rev it hard


    who is running a cold air induction kit because i heard it is better than a short ram or atlease see the difference
  4. hi i thought i would try my new phone out and take some pics of my rolla i hope you like it getting back windows tinted but saving up to but some new alloys :D
  5. well im going to do little things first like plugs and lift bolts might get rid of some weight like spare wheel get lighter alloys on the car but like i said it just might be me because i do race for a hobby plus 2 whhels does fell a hell of a lot faster than 4 wheels :P
  6. I left working for Toyota in late 2003, so never got to have a go in one. All the people I have kept in touch with say that the compressor does not go that much better than the T sport! But a good one commands a fair bit more to purchase. You dont get the lift either, that would not be a massive issue for me if the difference was large enough. Quite a few of the early compressors had charger issues, replaced under warranty. Labour wise I can take care of my own car but costs for replacement parts are not cheap. i get plenty of lift but it just might be me because the people ive took in it says its fast and they got cars like punto turbos and fiesta st but on my next service at 53000 we planning changing the lift bolts anyhow
  7. i was thinking of gasflowing the head and inlet manifold and bore out the exaust manafold. i think it might need some upgraded plugs think they standard in them. but i always put v power unleaded in it but might consider trading it in for the compressor :D
  8. yea i think a charger would do that shot the bhp right up but its hard to find a tte charger and a blitz are over 4k
  9. hi i have already got s/s exaust from cat back and k&n typhoon intake on my t sport and i feel like its just not enought horses for me. i just want to know if theirs anything else i can do to it to make it go faster anyone got any ideas thanks russell
  10. cheers its working now thanks for the help
  11. Rev it hard


    just got my corolla t sport out of the body shop today and the auto button on passanger side window dont work got to keep holding it down or up any ideas where i can find the fault. ?
  12. hi im after a front bumper spoiler seening hows mines split for corolla t sport facelift