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  1. Hi all, I have an '08 Verso and have been looking at the Brodit clips as I had one in my previous car and it was excellent. There are three available for the Verso but I can't work out which is the best - I'm leaning towards to glove compartment version. Anyone have any thoughts ? Hippo
  2. I'll have these if they are still available ! Hippo Scrub that - found your ad on ebay and purchased there !
  3. Can I ask a quick question about the MPG :) I just bought an 18 month old 2.2D SR with just under 9k on the clock, kind of suggesting it was mostly used for the school run. I am using it now with mixed driving as you are but am only seeing an average of 43 MPG for the last 900 miles or so. I drive 50 miles per day to work with more than 40 of that on cruise at around 65 - 70. The last few miles at either end in fairly heavy traffic. I have read on some of the posts that it takes a while for the MPG to pick up - did you see that with yours ? Thanks Hippo
  4. I went to France last year ( before Verso :) ) and was told that if your headlights are dip-able then you don't need deflectors. You just dip them and it prevents dazzling. I certainly didn't get stopped. Hippo
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