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  1. Hi Alan. Yes both were same 9.3.4. But 9.3.5 update made no difference either thanks matt
  2. Hi guys I have a query I wondered if anyone else had come across. I currently have a 2014 autos hybrid touring. The little USB port at the front will charge and detect my daughters iPhone 5s but won't detect or charge my SE. I have tried various cables and phones and it just won't pick up the SE. Has anyone else got an SE who can have a quick try please? The car was checked over as part of the service the other day and apparently is working fine. So I wondered if the voltage requirement was higher for the SE?? thank you matt
  3. We got our Auris Tourer last week. I also read the reviews on what car etc which present it in a poor light. I really like it. We chose the auris over the prius because although It is probably smaller in the rear seats than the prius but has better boot space. I haven't noticed it being harsh over the bumps and when asked by passers by about the car, we always comment how quite it is to drive. I have the icon model and it does come with climate control.
  4. Cheers frosty. I also just noticed a sticker on the driver door that has eco on it for the pressures. :) Matt
  5. Hi all I got my Auris touring HSD yesterday. Reading the manual I was going to check the tyre pressures. It mentions vehicles with an eco tire pressure label can have more air. I fact there are two options for the fronts on the eco setting. How do I know if I have the label? Where is it? I have Michelin energy saver 15" tyres on it. Thank you Matt
  6. You are right grumpy, I just placed my order for an auris hybrid and the kids are excited. Everyone they see they tell them they are getting a car with batteries and it stops in traffic etc. They wouldn't have said anything normally so it's good to hear that the youngsters appreciate what is possible with the new tech.
  7. I also just fitted the blueprint plugs and although I'm not getting 20seconds of chugging whilst the revs fluctuate on cold startup (left overnight) its still not firing straight up. It doesn't appear to have improved the number of attempts to fire it up. Oh and I think it has stopped sending out the plume of grey smoke from the exhaust as well. So some positives but still not sorted :(
  8. Hi japcar I found the same. If you quote the type of car you will get sold, in my case, the plugs which are referenced for the T180. Only when you input the registration does it come back with no match. I suspect people have been installing the plugs without realising. Why would Toyota not try and use the same system for both types of engine and alter the power output some other way?
  9. I am in the same boat but with the 2AD-FTV and the plugs are listed for FHV. there appears to be no aftermarket suppliers of glows for any 150bhp engines in the toyota range? so unless people have been fitting the T180 plugs to the 150 and getting away with it I guess they have been having them changed at the dealer.
  10. Hi Pete this was a good idea. The parts came back as being the same. However, I also spoke with partsking and he said the part numbers were different but he didn't know what the plug differences would be. So now I am back to square 1 :(
  11. Druidboy you don't know if the glow plugs are the same for both the 150bhp and 180bhp do you? I have the 150 but all of the websites I can see quote for the 2.0 and then 2.2 180 DCAT Thanks Matt
  12. Hi Druid boy. Thanks for the reply. It is the rectangular shaped pipe on the right and at the bottom of the photo, in front of the yellow coloured caps, it is clipped at either end wihich I might be able to prise apart but I don't know what is inside it. It is pretty much fixed where it is. I carnt wobble it. To be honest it isn't ideal but I was thinking just to change the 3 glw plugs and leave this one if I carnt move th pipe
  13. I can get at all the plugs except the one to the right, which will be blocked by the plastic "conduit" if I try and extract it. Which is a pain as I don't know what it is or how to move it. :(
  14. Hi mistermena thanks for the quick reply. I am going to have a look under the cover today. :) Thanks for the link. Is it safe to assume this eBay seller is correct with the type of glow plug for this engine? There doesn't seem to be a part number in the instruction manual to check against. Thanks
  15. Hi guys My avensis diesel needs a new set of glow plugs according to the code read. The garage wants £240 for the privilege, and from searching the Internet apparently it is quite an easy job to do yourself on the Toyota engine. I thought I would give it a go but carnt find any instructions on how to do it from google search. Maybe I'm not searching for the right term but I wondered if anyone old point me in the right direction please? Thank you Matt
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