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  1. how you doing guys, i crashed my car in sept there... it was just a 1.4 vvti with no major mods to it. i have been away on a rugby trip and thats me just back. really confused what to get. really really dont want to go for a type s or type r... been thinkin COROLLA COMPRESSOR as i can now get insurance on one. ive seen one just want to know what you guys think before anythingcompressor my big cuzin has a astra vxr burg, how will it compare to the compressor is all ways? thanks for you help
  2. was on the m8 west bound 8:30am so it was busy busy, the car behind me (astra) was right up my tail so i looked into the mirroir to see, was only looking for abt 0.2sec turned around and the car infront done an emergency stop before i knew it i went into the back of him. the car behind moved away before he hit me so he got away. the blame then was then all on me as the police said "does'nt matter, you went into the back of him you should have stoped" so now i have to pay out £1000 (N) someone offerd me £800 for the car the way it is lol ...
  3. Bad news lads, after thinking about my plans for the car....went and had a collision this morning Was pretty shook up, and think the plans are to get it repaired through insurance!! heres the damage!
  4. Thanks alot, was thinkin to start lowering it 40mm 17" and side skirts tints
  5. Hi, how you all doing. just got a 1.4 VVTi T3 only got this cause of my age am only 18 so i could'nt get insurance on a t-sport. so thought ill just get a 1.4 and make it look good, i live in glasgow and need some advice on what to do with the car. ive done nothing to it yet expect from a backbox.... and thats it dont knw abt wheel size or drop. but am mainly after a kit for it. parhaps and t-sport side skirts etc.. anyways heres a few pics of it. thanks for your help p.s is there any meetings in glasgow
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