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  1. tavy

    Auris decorations

    Today has arrived some key fob accessories. The cover is made by polyurethane, scratch resistant.
  2. tavy

    Auris decorations

    From this kind of sites I buy things under 10 euros, for not going to customs post office for getting the parcel, filling forms and paying taxes, that are not so big but is a nasty procedure. Parcels under 10 euros came to my door, directly. No problem with parcels till now, excepting delivery time, sometimes more than 3 months, usually one and a half month.
  3. Yes is true, I did the same thing with mine, checked few types of LED bulbs and finally came at Philips W5W, blue ones with white light. White light, as white as they can do...
  4. tavy

    Auris decorations

    I ordered 2 for my keys, but still didn't come. I hope it won't be any problem and fit perfectly.
  5. tavy

    Auris decorations

    Cover dimensions are 50 x 70 mm approx.
  6. tavy

    Auris decorations

    It's the same, for sure. There are only 2 size / shape for Auris : this one and another which has diamond shape. I bet yours is same as mine.
  7. tavy

    Auris decorations

    Happy New Year to everyone !
  8. tavy

    Auris decorations

    Yes, these are the correct dimensions 22...23 x 32...34 mm, depth doesn't matter. That one from amazon is very pricey. This is something similar, but cheaper : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000009091972.html Or, you can buy one to replace cigarette lighter with : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001430681536.html
  9. I took the lamp out and made a 5 mm small groove with a file, inserted camera connectors and put lamp back.
  10. tavy

    Auris decorations

    Yes, it's for charging only. You can extend navigation USB with a cable like this, of course : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32844262952.html , but the charging process will take long, because this USB gives maximum 1 amp. For music, USB and AUX is another one next to charger, made by myself.
  11. Yeap, is true. The cable has 3 wires, reverse + , AV wire and ground. This cable is only 5 mm in diameter. I routed it through licence plate light, back door cable grommet, ceiling finish and finally, mirror. For activation of the system I routed another wire from reverse lamp, back door grommet and camera cable. This wire feed camera and mirror display too. I bought the kit from a local accessories store, but you can buy them from net.
  12. tavy

    Auris decorations

    This one : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000935728283.html
  13. Hi. You can find a permanent +12 v backside of front interior lamp. If you want to feed dash cam with an ignition +12 v, you can find it back side of mirror switch that is very easy to remove it, with a flat head screwdriver. I personally choose this solution for dash cam and on board telephone charger.
  14. tavy

    Auris decorations

    If I remember well, used Teroson SB 3140 or 3120. You can make the garnish using a sheet of carbon fiber vinyl wrap.
  15. tavy

    Auris decorations

    Front bumper garnish is made by myself with a liquid PVC spray, I only used some fine sandpaper, clean well and spray. The clock covers CD slot, but is removable in case of using CD, but this tbh is happening rarely even memory stick I use rarely, usually listen music from net via bluetooth. I like too latch covers, without them looks unfinished.
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