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  1. Hi, dynamic lines are yellow ones, they curves when you steer left or right. The technology is included inside the camera, it has a gyroscope or a magnetometer inside . When reversing, I use exterior mirrors and camera display, at interior mirror I can't see too much because the back door window is too narrow and pretty far.
  2. Well done ! 91499 and 95298 miles, you are lucky indeed .
  3. A simple and effective solution for anybody who needs a rear view camera. Solution is applicable to any vehicle. The system is very simple, it has a good quality HD camera with dynamic guidelines and a monitor installed over the interior mirror. When it’s not in use, monitor is an excellent heliomatic mirror. Camera is fitted above the plate number. It's hardly visible from a certain distance. Whole system is activated by the voltage taken from the reverse light. The big work is routing the cable from reverse light to the camera through the hatch door grommet and to monitor through the roof finishing.
  4. 13 Nm for camshaft bearing cap bolts and 23 Nm for camshaft front bearing cap bolts. I hope you know tightening sequence of bolts. Good luck !
  5. 1.4 diesel and 1.4 petrol engines are not compatible with cc. You have to buy an aftermarket cc kit with actuator.
  6. I did some research and minimum modification is replacing both pinions of fifth gear with 1.4 diesel gearbox pinions. Gearbox is the same but 5-th gear ratio is differend and the differential. This I plan to do with my Auris, but I have to find a damaged 1.4 diesel gearbox.
  7. tavy

    dash cam

    Even if your headunit has wifi, it could be paired with dash cam, but you can not install the dash cam app only if your headunit has android or ios operating system. Cheers.
  8. Only needles you have to remove, they come out easy; turn it anticlockwise and pull out in the same time.
  9. I modified my valet key, ordinary one with no buttons into a flip one, adding an alarm system to my car, few years ago.
  10. Hi and welcome, I don't think that's possible with original key fob, it needs another channel to operate a new actuator installed and connected to door latch. All you can do is installing a new central locking module that have this function, trunk opening.
  11. tavy


    Not bad at all, as any mp3 CD, I like it. I'm afraid not, current of USB is very small, about 500 mAh, for charging the phone you need at least 1 Ah (1 000 mAh).
  12. tavy


    Yes I can, pressing the same CD button can switch between CD player and CD interface (CDI appears on the display).
  13. tavy


    Very easy, the adapter should have a connector with 12 pins (6+6).