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  1. Only needles you have to remove, they come out easy; turn it anticlockwise and pull out in the same time.
  2. I modified my valet key, ordinary one with no buttons into a flip one, adding an alarm system to my car, few years ago.
  3. Hi and welcome, I don't think that's possible with original key fob, it needs another channel to operate a new actuator installed and connected to door latch. All you can do is installing a new central locking module that have this function, trunk opening.
  4. tavy


    Not bad at all, as any mp3 CD, I like it. I'm afraid not, current of USB is very small, about 500 mAh, for charging the phone you need at least 1 Ah (1 000 mAh).
  5. tavy


    Yes I can, pressing the same CD button can switch between CD player and CD interface (CDI appears on the display).
  6. tavy


    Very easy, the adapter should have a connector with 12 pins (6+6).
  7. tavy


    Yes, mounting the box with cable in glove compartment is the easiest way, of course.
  8. tavy


    It's plug'n play job; clocks and radio are very simple to remove. A little bit tricky is making holes in the fake button; the easiest way is to put cables with connectors in upper glove compartment.
  9. tavy


    Hi Lee, this adapter I fitted to my Auris few years ago, it sounds very good, it's 100% compatible with player, working exactly as a CD changer; I put the box backside of the clocks, USB and aux connectors installed into a false cover button. For this operation I removed radio, clocks and small switch panel with mirror controls.
  10. Every time when I had a problem with ignition switch or door key barrel I solved with WD 40 and after this dries up injected some silicone oil or other thin oil with a syringe. Dry lube is useless.
  11. Scott is right; in addition, if you look at the upper side of headlight unit, there is written HAL, so this headlight is designed for halogen bulbs, other light source is not acceptable.
  12. I'm sad for you're selling the beautiful Auris, but I hope you'll buy a Toyota in order to be in touch again. Good luck!
  13. With a flat screwdriver press a capture in the middle of connector then take connectors apart. B pillar connector remains in its place, and other one in your hand.
  14. Tap the wires and route them through two empty connector holes.
  15. Mine (2008) has a connector inside the B pillar, there are wires for rear speakers, central locking and electric windows; inside the door I didn't have any wire for speakers, fitted new ones. Yours I don't know where the speakers wiring from player ends. I'm sure that you'll find them.