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  1. Hello Tavey, I am hoping for your help.I own a Toyota Auris 2011 diesel originally equipped with the non-optitron meters.Recently I decided to replace it for the optitron meters and although everything works perfectly fine, the display button on the wheel does respond!I used the old meters once more for a check and the display button works fine, but when I used the optitron again it wouldn't respond! Any ideas? Thank you in advance. 

    1. tavy


      Hi Panos ! The steering wheel DISP button doesn't work with optitrons because optitrons does not have a pin for external DISP switch, you have to add it. In order to do this, you have to dismantle the clocks; remove the clocks backside cover, then remove the glass, remove both LCD displays (each of them is fixed with 2 screws) and take the needles out, slowly rotate anticlockwise and pull out in same time. Finally, remove the dial and now you can see the contacts for both buttons, DISP and ODO. Now you easily see where an external DISP button wire (only one, active wire, not other one, that is connected to ground) can be soldered; put anything back and now you have a wire for external DISP button. Then identify the DISP button wire at your existing clocks connector (with an ohmmeter, the DISP button puts its active wire to the ground when is pressed), cut it near connector and reconnect it to new DISP wire at your optitrons; surely will work. Goog luck !

    2. panbits


      Thank you very much for your time and your help.I will try it and I will inform you for the results.Thank you once again. 

    3. tavy


      You're welcome; good luck again !

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