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  1. If someone is prone to sleep while driving, he/she should be conscious enough to not drive...
  2. ... or buy that car with the engine you like most, specific to that model...
  3. Of course it isn't. If you get 400 ... 500 rpm drop in 5th gear, gain in consumption will be aprox 0.5 liters at 100km on motorway driving at 130 km/h, and is not neglectable at all. Plus, is not so difficult to change a 5th gear pair of pinions, there's no need to remove entire gear box, it's enough to hoist the car, drain the gear box oil and remove the 5th gear box cover.
  4. tavy

    Display Light

    5 for daytime and 3 for the night, imho. DRL is must have, indeed.
  5. I think is nickel. Before I fit the spark plugs, always check the gap, iridium ones should have 0.7 mm and normal ones 1.1 mm . The gap increases in time with 0.2 ... 0.3 mm, you notices this when remove them for changing
  6. Look in owner's manual what spark plugs are recommended for your engine. For my engine, 1.4 petrol this Denso are recommended.
  7. Selling your beloved car is not an option ! Upgrading is...
  8. I think a better idea is upgrading 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines gearboxes, changing 5-th gear pinions. 5-th gear indead is too close to 4-th, on the motorways is not good at all, it revs the engine too much... After some researches I found that the 1.4 diesel gearbox is the same, differs only 5-th gears pinions, that have a lower ratio, and gear box differential. So, the solution I think is to change 5-th gear pinions, but until I don't find a damaged diesel engine gearbox to recover 5-th gear pinions I'm not 100% sure. After this modiffication, allmost 10 mph can be earn in 5-th gear.
  9. I personally use for my '08 Auris, Denso spark plugs, they are very good, last time I forgot to change them and worked for more than 30 k miles, when removed they still look all right. NGK are very good for VW group cars, I use this in my Seat.
  10. tavy

    Date setup

    It's moving cycling upwards only, it goes up to 2050 then continues to 2005. Day, month, hour and minutes move cycling upwards too.
  11. The year number rolls up between 2005 and 2050 if I remember exactly. If you keep the button pressed, the numbering increases its speed.
  12. I adjusted the pedal myself, it has an adjustment rod, all that I needed was a 8mm wrench and another one of 13mm. I have service manual for my car and entire procedure is written there. People from the garage didn't want to adjust the pedal when I was there for a MOT, they said anything is all right, pedal is self adjustable, bla bla bla, but I didn't like how clutch feels and behaves. After I adjusted it, clutch works great, soft, quick and responsive. Pedal travel has not changed since then.
  13. A couple of years ago, my Auris needed clutch pedal adjustment, clutch behaved as I told before...
  14. Usually I test the clutch in 3rd gear. Regardless the gear number, the result must be the same: engine stall. I noticed a thing: meantime the clutch wears, the pedal rises up so that determine me to adjust it, lowering a little bit. Otherwise the pedal become stiff and high and clutch wearing accelerates... The pedal travel should be 3 and a half cm from the floor to the biting point.
  15. I saw a Hilux with all 20 bolts with thread destroyed due to over tightening and a RAV with two rims with holes ovalized due to under tightening. Both of them had alloy rims...
  16. Tool kit supplied is not for professional use, this wrench is useful to change the wheel on the street, where you got a puncture.
  17. Torque wrench is very useful for wheels, alloy wheels; if you over tighten them, you risk to destroy the bolts thread, if under tighten risk is to destroy the rim holes.
  18. When a headlight bulb burns, changing both, L and R is advisable. In this way you have both bulbs at same intensity and appropriate life span.
  19. Yeap, H/B means hatchback and S/D sedan for instance first generation Auris - hatchback 3 or 5 doors and Corolla - sedan. MMT means multimode transmision and MT manual transmision. Color of the wire is important indeed, but more important is pin number of each connector.
  20. I always use for my 2008 Auris 5w30 Toyota fuel economy engine oil and Mann filter. I change them every 9000 miles or 2 years and no problem so far. Between changes, the engine eats 300 ml of oil, no need to top up. 0w20 is to thin , your engine will eat some, it can be used successfully winter time and 5w30 summer time, but you are not wrong either if you use 5w30 for all the time.
  21. Disconnect the battery for at least a quarter of hour when engine is cold, then start the car and don't touch anything until engine gets its temperature. In this way engine ECM learns again the idle.
  22. Sound on top lead, it's an adapter lead, Toyota - ISO in our case.
  23. Yeap, rats and mice are not polite enough to respect a multimilion pound mansion...😄
  24. I had a rat under the hood a while ago, even my dog pointed to its direction. The rat accommodated by itself inside the air filter box and accumulated cat food everywhere inside the engine compartment. So,I removed the air filter box, clean it and changed the air filter, but for preventing doing this again I shortened the air intake tube (there was an U-shape tube before the air filter box) and woven a metal wire net at the entrance of air filer box so that only an insect can get in. In the end I killed a rat with some poisonous toffes thrown in engine compartment, and the rat was so greedy that immediately ate the bite, such that in few days died... My tomcat didn't care about the rat at all 😁. Fortunately the rat didn't destroy anything excepting the air filter.
  25. Yeap, find a skilled electrician, it's a very simple job.
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