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    celica gt4 :P

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  1. how do i uploads pics again im on photo bucket but im having no luck :( My link My link My link My link My link in that there should be my old gt4 my old delsol and my special litle corsa with my new mr2 :)
  2. how do i uploads pics again im on photo bucket but im having no luck :(
  3. il get there wait a min :P http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m335/mikekent88/delsolngt4.jpg http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m335/mikekent88/gt4ncorsa.jpghttp://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m335/mikekent88/60474_434605803730_667438730_5214494_442469_n.jpg http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m335/mikekent88/DSC00397.jpg myr mr2 turbs jdm and my old gt4 :P and my special litle corsa
  4. of corse it is :P i will have to learn to upload pic again , my gt4 is now a hill climber in malta
  5. hi mate im sorry its been so long realy apreciate all the help i have n mr2 revs 2 i plan to do the same kind of mods :P
  6. licksrpm

    How ?

    how can i make a for sale add on here please ?
  7. lol sorry :) its not that i dont love tha car but i dont want to bung aload of money into it with no return you know i mean that its done 86k i dont thinks thats hi , id say low for the year but some people want a 15 yr old yet brand new car when your selling its realy annoyin
  8. cheers but i made a few threads since then and no luck :(
  9. i have made about 3 new topics none of wich i can trace its like they didnt exist :(
  10. i went to a garage where all my m8s know me there and no one makes my tyrs for the uk and one company makes my size but 2000 back order lol :(
  11. licksrpm

    Gt4 Tyres

    im running yokohama's but i cant find any prices do any of you guys knowa good site
  12. bump !! im back ! having been left a litle bit light for cash over the christman period and another car :P im goin to set too work after i have a few months savings n i would just like to thank you for all the help i have had its not been forgotten thanks !!
  13. spot on mate i took a look ad will get hold of them asap cheers mate i owe you !!
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