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  1. Hello again, Some more new notices: New catalyst gives some strange odor inside car. I was first to blame when today we drove about 200 km on the local roads. The odor is stronger when stopping in lights, crossings etc. and disappeared when "take off". Otherwise I am very pleased about this: My iQ feels like it had been cured from bad influenza or something (nothing against those who are really suffering from disease). When I used cruise control which is mounted, I saw something about 0,5 - 0,7 liter / 100 km less consumption of fuel when I was driving familiar local roads (80/100 km/h). Let's see... Greetings from North FinniQ
  2. Hello There! Red all about this "valve" from this topic because my iQ behaves similarly: sometimes unwilling to accelerate on low revs. When my car was on fourth annual service two weeks ago, local Mr. T sent me a questionnaire afterwards by e-mail. On "other notices" -section I wrote about my situation: that I've been complained about this when my iQ were under warranty (36mths), and I was informed "that is normal for one liter engine". I informed about TSB with its number, and that it was published at 8/2011 when my warranty were still ACTIVE. I also mentioned that this is a safety matter and should repair under warranty. I did not had any high expectations, when someone from Mr. T of Finland phoned me next day, and said that this is a warranty case, and promised even a courtesy car for me!! So my iQ were on local service today, and all modifications were done. The list of changed parts looked very similar than above. When I drove home, I noticed more torque on low revs, much easier to start from lights etc. Car even climbs hills! I also noticed more vibrations about 1900 rpm in every gear... Let's see what happens to fuel consumption (before about 5,5 liters/100km when driven in town, 4,5 liters in road). Last I like to thank You everyone on this topic to inform me such valuable information. I'd also like to believe that Mr. T reads these topics and acts... Greetings FinniQ
  3. I also ordered hud display, wondered if it can be used with Scangauge using offered splice cable. Now I can tell You, that it performs fine with both displays connected. Scangauge also works as before. The hud dsiplay IS kinda bulky when in front of window, but you cannot have it all... I put it as front as possible to near left corner (LHD!!) so it do not block air canal to front window. And yes, it shows speed either in mph or kph, and "sensitivity" to engine revs is adjustable. FinniQ
  4. Hello From Snowy Finland! Mine were on garage just yesterday: The unit needed to changed, software upgrading were not possible. In local Mr. T. they dissassembled the whole dashboard, took off steering wheel, and several components from "engine department". Everything were reassembled very neatly back, only clock were not in right time... I saw a "tech doc" which contained at least dozen pages how to proceed that operation in order. I heard I have now the latest software version for everything (motor, ESP, ABS etc). I noticed some more torque in low revs when driving in snow (easier) also when starting to move from stop position in easier (it used to stall). Also ESP works faster and do not "wail about everything". I had nothing wrong with steering. They even gave me a courtesy car for servicing period (it too two days). And from now on upgrading is possible if... So I feel like Toyota likes to take care about customers. I have iQ "1", registered at 7/2009 as new after three months wait. FinniQ P.S.: Here's -4 Centigrade and snowing. Had over 20 cm already...
  5. FinniQ

    Subs In The Back

    Hello! I also have that 8" Focal Bus 20 unit under my passengers seat. I like it, can recommend it. It also has wired potentiometer for adjusting amount of bass, it is mounted behind middle consol between seats where it can be reached easily. I have original JBL sound upgrade in my iQ, and together they sound quite well. Focal unit cost 260 euros assembled here in Finland. Greetings, FinniQ
  6. Hey but You can always change places of headlights for continental journeys. I mean left lamp to right side and vice versa... ... joke!! FinniQ
  7. FinniQ

    Temp Gauge

    After connecting Scangauge II, I noticed that cold indicator dims at 54 degrees Centigrade; "normal" coolant temperature is 84-88 degrees for one litre engine. Last winter at -15 when commuting 60 kph at fifth gear coolant warmed up to 60-65 degrees only, and cabin did not warmed up much (that is why we have warmed seats as standard here in Finland...). In some moments very cold wheather cool light lighted up again after it was just dimmed and car were idling (on traffic lights etc.). Thermostat on radiator opens or something? Still waiting for summer FinniQ
  8. Hello All Clubmembers! Your recent photos look like our May: Please remember that winter is still on it´s strongest, at least here in Northern Countries. When You have few days of snow and that is exciting, we have it 4-5 months all the time... Here´s situation on last Sunday. After that I have removed snow from our yard (and my iQ) many times. There on right You see our weapon against snow. It is called "kola", and removing of snow is much more easier with it. Every household have one (or more) here. On Iq I use brush... Now we have total of one meter of snow on Southern Finland. I REALLY REALLY miss the summer!! I do not like snow even in our freezer. Maybe after few months we´ll have warmer... Please stop bying energy saving lamps and get bigger cars (joke!!). "It´s gonna get better" (taken on mobile phone) FinniQ
  9. FinniQ

    Sales Figures!

    Update from Finland: I noticed that I am not alone... Total of 123 sold iQs here in Finland last year! Other models were sold as: Avensis 4994 Corolla 2047 Auris 1647 Cor. Verso 1284 Urban Cr. 569 Prius 544 Rav 4 486 Verso 385 and iQ 123 cars of total 89093 sold cars of all brands/models. I just wonder where all 122 other iQs are... Have seen just few on traffic. FinniQ
  10. Hello! I have not any problems with door locks here in Finland, but I noticed that you cannot lock doors while engine running using remote control WITH THE OTHER KEY came with the car (you may need it when it is -20 and you need to leave your car for awhile...). iQ needs to lock up from driver´s door with key which locks all doors when motor´s running. I usually use remote in my ignition key, so what´ll happen with iQ2 is beyond me... Maybe I`m saved without having too much tech! Been satisfied with manual climate control this far as you can adjust it at old fashioned way. Of course motor could generate a bit more warm to my mornings. Here in Finland (and in Sweden!!) 75% of all cars have a heating system which operates 230VAC which is used BEFORE driving. It warms up either car´s engine or engine and inside with a specially made heater from electrical output which nearly every household parking place in Northrn Countries has. Please check "defa" if more interested. Also noticed that all systems made for safety driving in iQ are necessary: when driving icy roads the basic handling without any TCS, VSC or is quite "nervous" without these, maybe comes from short axle length... I use Continental´s Winter Wiking 5 tyres now: they´re very soft "friction tyres" without spikes, but softiness allows better handling in icy conditions, they´re NOT same tyres as in Central Europe!! By the way: fuel consumption is between 4.5-6.5 in cold wheather ( temperature and town/country influences heavily). Freezin´ wishes from Finland FinniQ
  11. pieni.bmp Greetings and Happy New Year Wishes from Finland. Hope all of You can have lots of Merry and Warm driven miles or kms with your iQs Hope I got a link to my picture visible above... FinniQ
  12. Hello Everybody! I´m FinniQ, obviously from Finland, aged 48. Got a new iQ seven weeks ago (after 10 long weeks of waiting), now 3000 km on the clock. Like to share experiences with iQ with You, because I haven´t seen any iQs around here (except one showroom iQ which is always in local dealers showroom). It seems that Finns usually like to have as big car as they can get at the same price,so... I´ve been lived steadily here in south Finland DINK with my wife for last 25 years as electrician repairing survey instruments. My hobbies including MUSIC (used to play drums in bands), home theater (in Big scale), and motorbiking (with, urp, my BMW1200LT -99). Used to drive few decades motorbike in summers (winters by public transport), then three years by leased Fiat Panda, and now by my "own" iQ. Average fuel consumption been between 4,6 - 5,2 / 100km (mpg?) My basic 1,0 Deep Amethyst iQ is equipped with JBL Audio (of course!) with subwoofer (not JBL), chrome package, "door window spoilers", darkened alloys for tires (for summer and winter tires), reversing aid for dark winters, color coded side protection on doors, rust protection, AC heating system for motor & indoors (before drive!!) and all four mud flaps. Heated front seats are standard in Finland... I´m curious to see how my "Pätkä" (shortie) can handle finnish winter. Is it warm enough, and how economy can handle cold climate. Please inform me if You like to share that kind of views. Once again greetings from Finland, Just joined to forces arto
  13. I went for JBL upgrade option, and sound WERE good but... When listened at high volume (35-40) as I usually do, interior covers of doors started to rattle because the higher bass output of JBL speakers. I used settings bass +4, treble 0 and listen mainly 70´s rock due to my age (48). When asked reason for rattles from a dedicated auto HiFi shop, they said that every time door panels are opened, clips which keeps panels in place should renewed to keep panels in their places tightly. Panels were opened when upgrade were installed as I ordered... When complained to local Toyota representative they opened panels AGAIN, tried to put some insulation between panes and door metal, and after that when doors still rattled, they said that audio system is not made to listen THAT loud!! So I went back to audio shop, and they installed a Focal Bus 20 subwoofer under passenger seat (fixed it to seat so seat can be moved back-forth as normal without seeing subwoofer at any seat position). After that I returned bass setting to zero (0), and routed all low bass to Focal with its own volume control in middle consol behind hand brake. Result: no rattle, bass as much you like, and overall sound is EVEN better. With subwoofer´s own level adjustment you can easily adjust bass response to every recording you listen to. This not a commercial to Focal, because there are several manufacturers which make such subwoofers, just check that they have enough output. Perhaps standard audio system in iQ benefits this kind of "tuning" also... This is my first posting, sorry that it came out so long! I just love to listen to music while I´m driving (especially long distance) with my iPod touch 32Gb... I do not have sat nav with iPod steering, playing just through AUX at iPod full volume ( aux is not very sensitive). Greetigs from Finland! FinniQ
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