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  1. Thats my old nob!!! (AKA Mr Celica)
  2. Watch those camera's, ive seen a silver supra around ponty is that you? vielside
  3. I see your from south wales, you try these abstyling on treforest estate http://www.abstyling.co.uk/ or http://www.motorsportworld.co.uk/ http://www.tuneacar.co.uk/index.php?d=y this one is handy for self install http://www.everythingcelica.com/installs/index.shtml http://www.whifbitz.co.uk/ptoycelica.html http://www.funkyproduct.co.uk/ you can also try http://www.celica-club.co.uk/ Most things you want to know will be in there im a member £10 per year (MrCelica)
  4. Hi I dont believe so, but there are other mods you can do that will improve performance like a exhaust system and a induction kit. The vvtli has a different head if your thinking you can get 190 perfomance from the vvti.
  5. Your selling it at the right price, trouble is there are plenty of them about. so it might be better dropping the price and getting shot of it, try ebay and put a reserve price in. also put a ad in the for sale section at www.celica-club.co.uk its free just reg. sorry for the plug just trying to help.
  6. Fozzy

    Sat Nav

    theres a guy on the celica uk forum selling toyota sat nav check it out
  7. big brother will get back to you, unknown still whether me mate still wants it, but thanks anyway.
  8. I got a m8 who might be interested ive phoned him tonight, and he's getting back to me tomoz, if can sell it in the meantime do so, i will get back to you.what about payment and would you send it special delivery as im from south wales so a bit of a trek. You can message me on celica uk forum if you want (MrCelica) or killedinacarcrash2@hotmail.com will let you know.
  9. Everybody knowz the silver ones have at least 20 more bhp! ITS THE LAW!!
  10. Fozzy

    Hello Im New

    Hello and welcome sweet motor m8 :group-cuddles:
  11. Fozzy


    Sorry my fault i thought it was for a gen 7 celica DoH! Carry on.
  12. Fozzy


    Oh buy the way really easy to fit around 40 mins to do the pair.
  13. Fozzy


    Hi i might be selling my lexus style lights, and these ones are 100% legal as i bought light wiring looms from toyota (£35) and modded them the only downside is the the reverse lights are red but indicators are yellow (car had mot 2 months ago) they cost me £129.99 2 moths ago plus the £35 for the looms make me a offer and i will get back to you. you can se the lights on me webby link thingy.
  14. Hi Just bought a vielside on group buy on celica.co.uk (soz for plug) front fender and rear side skirts and bonnet scoop around £600 all in, i was quoted £1700 from ab styling in south wales that was supply only.so get on the group buy
  15. Hi i agree with the above i dropped mine 30 mm and it looks so much better' im in the middle now of ordering a vielside bodykit from group buy as mentioned above (MrCelica) i was quoted £1700 for the kit from a uk supplier direct from hk its around £700 to your door. and if you can afford it a nice set of 18" i stuck with 17" as im a tight welshman.
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