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  1. Hi, I've put a Cold Air Induction Kit in my Yaris tsport almost 2 years ago. How long do these last until they need replacing? Do you need to clean them regularly? I have the Envy Cold Air induction kit that looks like it has been discontinued now. TIA. ChrisB
  2. Hi, My Engine Management fault light has come on. I've managed to fix it by disconnecting the battery for a short while BUT it's came back on after about 2weeks. I've done the battery thing again which has fixed it but I guess it will probably come back on sometime soon. I searched on here and found that you can buy a tongle thing to self diagnose these problems (www.scantool.net) which works out cheaper than getting toyota to diagnose it for you! Has anyone used one of these things? and are they any good? If they do work will Toyota be ar5ey if I tell them what the problem is that they need to fix? Thanks in advance, Chris.
  3. Hmmm. Well tried a reset by disconnecting my battery for a few mins and it seemed to do the trick.. Now I'm just paranoid about the fault light coming back on in the middle of a long journey. Time will tell....
  4. I think I'll be holding out on that oil change etc... My Engine Management System Fault light has just come on! Booked it in for them to diagnose it for a cost of £58. Can't wait for the bad news!!! Thanks for your help anyway
  5. All seems to be running fine but unfortunately I can't seem to find my handbook!!
  6. Hi all, I plan to do an oil and filter change soon and wondered how many litres does the Yaris TS hold? Also I've reached the magic millage number of 100,000 and was curious on when transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering hydraulic fluid and any other fluid needs replacing. I've had my TS for 2.5years had it serviced at regular intervals but don't recall them telling me that any of these fluids had been renewed. Cheers, Chris.
  7. Thanks for your help! 3G discs sound like one of the best (got any prices?), but probably out of my budget :-( 255mm sounds the size anyway. Ta!
  8. Hi all, I took my T-sport (phase1) in to Mr T for a recall (something to do with a sensor) and they done a free health check on me yaris as well. Front discs were corroded big time apparently. I think I'll try and replace them myself to save £££! 1. Whats the size of the discs I need? 2. Any recommended brands? Saw a few Mintex ones on ebay but can't afford the fancy drilled ones though... :( Cheers, CB.
  9. Make sure you're not re-cirulating the air. That tends to cause the windows to steam up far more than normal in my TS.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll probably just get it checked early next year...
  11. Hi, My T-sport (2001) has done 96,000miles and I read somewhere on the net that the timing chain should be replaced every 100,000miles and costs £350!!!!! Anyone shed any light on this. I always thought they lasted ages longer, but maybe I'm wrong? and £350 is a lot of money (for me anyway!) although less than a new engine! Cheers, Chris.
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if it's just me with the problem but usually 50% of the time I park my T-sport up and lock it and about 2mins later the alarm goes off. All windows, sunroof are closed, no ones tried to get in it, nothing has shook it (and nobody is in it that I know of!). I've tried rocking it to see how sensitive it is, and it takes a really good shake to get the alarm to go off. Any ideas whats up with it or what I could check?
  13. I didn't get a breather pipe provided in my kit.
  14. There don't seem to be enough existing rubber piping to reach though! :ffs: And I'm not sure what the threaded hole in the kit fixes to if anything?
  15. Well finally fit it! Took a while mind you with hoses and wires not being long enough, but got there in the end. Is it me or does should it attach somewhere to hold it in place. I couldn't find where it should attach (threaded hole may be to something?), but it seemed secure enough (ie: wedged in). Just got a couple of concerns as in hope it isn't rubbing on anything enough to make a hole in the filter, and just a bit concerned if it will filter the air enough. Looking at the stock air filter it seemed pretty thick. The cone filter is literally see though netting. I'll keep an eye on it, but it does sound good though!!!
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