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  1. BUMP! Naughtily, I've still to get the Cambelt replaced and car is now approaching 80K on the clock, so best I get it done with some urgency. I'm still none the wiser why the dealer made no mention of the need to replace the water pump and hydraulic tensioner at the same time as the cambelt, whereas others insist on it, I really would be grateful for any advice, and I'll need to get new quotes. Also need new front brake pads, does £80 VAT Ex (£30 parts) seem reasonable? TIA.
  2. I've been running MIchelin Primacy HP's all round, the fronts have probably done circa 16k and are now getting close to needing replacement. I'm considering replacing with one of these three Continental Premium Contact 5 Dunlop FastResponse Bridgstone Turanza T001 I would put some Vredestein Ultrac Cento's on if I could find somebody local who stocked them,or if Blackcircles did, but can't be bothered to look around. I've just put some Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2's on my other car (Civic) which are awesome, so I'd be really interested in some more feedback on the Goodyear Excellence.
  3. I need some help/advice regarding replacing the cambelt and a full service on my 2005 2.0 D-4D Verso. Car is approaching 70k I've got 3 quotes to consider: Garage we purchased car from (used) = £931 for a Full Service, Cambelt Replacement, Water Pump and Hydraulic Tensioner Trusted Local Garage = £735 for the same as (1) Toyota Main Dealer = £545 for Full Service & Cambelt Replacement; no mention of Water Pump or Hydraulic Tensioner. So, questions: 1. Do I really need to get the Water Pump and Hydraulic Tensioner replaced at the same time as a Cambelt at 70k? 2. Would I be better off buyin
  4. pumbaa

    60K Service

    Update: Toyota Main Dealer wants £235 for a full service and £310 for a new cambelt. Garage where I purchased car second hand wants £926 all up for a Full Service, Cambelt and they mentioned replacing the Water Pump. I need to speak to them again to find out exactly what on earth is included for that price. My local (trusted) garage quoted £165 for Full Service and £220 for a new Cambelt. They also suggested that the Water Pump (£120) and Hydraulic Tensioner (£230) be replaced at the main time because (a) Water Pump is easy to get to during a cambelt change and (B) there have been known failu
  5. pumbaa

    60K Service

    My 2005 T3 D4-D is rapidly approaching 60K, so I need some information regarding what is covered in a 60K service. Am I right in thinking that the Cam Belt should be replaced at 60K? Any other major replacements required? Any ideas of indicative costs from a franchise dealer versus independents would be very much appreciated. Doubt I'll go anywhere near the dealer as I purchased 2nd hand, but it'll be a good benchmark. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just put a set of Michelin Energy Savers on mine (cos they were 20% off at Costco). You can use either the Primacys or the Energy Savers. It had the (I think) original Dunlops on it which had managed about 27K, so not too bad. The Michelins seem fine, after all, its a bus, not a Lamborghini :P:) If you just buy 2 tyres they will always put the new ones on the rear & move the rears to the front. If you are planning to keep the car then I'd buy Michelins every time - they last way , way longer than anything else. Just took a set off another car (a VW) that had done 37K Heard some not ve
  7. Need 2 new tyres to replace the fronts (Dunlop SP3000) within the next couple of months. Not been impressed with the Dunlops, so thinking of switching to Michelin Primacy HP. Good choice for the Verso, or not? If not, what tyres are you all using on your Verso's?
  8. pumbaa

    Oil Change

    'Oil Change' light has just illuminated in my 05 2.0 D-4D, suggesting that I might need to change the oil......can independent garages (i.e. non-Toyota Dealers) reset the indicator once they've changed the oil? In addition, anyone recommend a good quality oil/filter combo to use? I'd rather not go to Kwik Fit (sic) for example and get any old unbranded rubbish. TIA. Mark.
  9. My better half has just purchased a portable DVD player for our 16 month old to indulge in during long journeys. What is the best method to secure it to the front headrest? It needs to be secure as the little fella has a tendency to swing his legs about a lot......any advice gratefully received. (Its a Philips DCP951 if that helps) TIA Mark.
  10. Well I finally managed to source an 05 plate 2.0D4D T3 with 42k on the clock at said local dealer, picking up next Wednesday. I'm guessing a cambelt change is fairly imminent (60k or 5 years....)
  11. Thank you for all the replies so far, very useful. I don't think the one I've seen has MMT, but will bear your thoughts in mind. Can I just check something - DMF = Dual Mass Flywheel right? How can I check whether there is an issue with that? Something I've heard from other sources is that injectors are another common mode of failure on Toyota diesels. Truth or myth? Also, for the 2.0 (which is the model I'm currently looking at, on a 54 plate), when should the cambelt be changed? This one has 80k on the clock currently. The car is being sold by a reputable local dealer (not franchise though).
  12. Pretty much as the title says. I'm looking to replace my 02 Astra Hatch with a Verso - expanding family member imminent - and was looking for specific advice on what to look for with a Verso. Other than the normal mechanical checks, what do I need to look out for, and what specific questions do I need to ask? Budget is around 7k, so I'd be looking at a higher mileage example, probably somewhere around an 04/54 plate. Would appreciate any owners comments. Thanks in advance.
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