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  1. my little input is any european car is completely no point buyin my theory is by french by twice or fiat the abbreviation is ( fix it again tommorow ) and in the Japanese market its only real main competitor is the ep3 type r but honda civics every one knows are light and fast that there appeal but apart from the ek9 there seats are back breaking horrible thats why there always replaced with recaros or brides but with Honda were there all obsessed with hitting vtech they rinse fuel
  2. send him a bill for usage of picture but i would be hounerd they used my car to promote there product as they must think it look good just looked at the picture it dosent display the whole car tell him to either pay you or show the whole car in all its glory
  3. i have a universal performance exhaust its not to loud below 3000 revs so when traveling below 35ish completely quite then over 3000 revs is louder and raspier theres anothert exhaust wich is quite its called a fujitsbo something its really hard to find direct fit back boxes or complete exhaust i found so went with universal and has it welded today so went for a little tunnel run have you tried hks or blitz exhaust but prepared to be annoyed in the search as i was
  4. i did say put a direct air feed on so the remap will force more air ajd petrol through or if you dont want noisy exhaust you can get a apexi ws2 one of the quitest exhaust with perfomance upgrades and yes a remap is exspensive but is a different type of modification i was mearly suggesting
  5. looks good one new wheels and slicks is there much tyre scrubbing are you going to paint the brake calipers i think i bright purple would match the wheels a treat
  6. to get any real perfomrance increases if you put a direct feed air filter you will want to get the car remapped after wich will force more petrol through the system more fuel more power but its hard to get a mix between performance and fuel economy
  7. my exhaust fell off while on a late night trip to brighton it came of at the connectoin to the back box so i bought a jap can to go on the back to improve sound and the whole look of the rear car imo will put pics ups when its on but for a car tha was used on the world ralley stage so hard to find a direct fit back box so have had to go for universal fit
  8. corolla direct back box should be made out of unicorn horn as their as hard to find

  9. ashley(99corolla)


  10. PatButcher Ae86 add me up always game forza or cod
  11. here are the seats and one of the bottom of the seat rail
  12. there only about a 1cm to short will go take a photo
  13. hi guys i bought a pair of celica seats mint condition for only 50 wernt passisng that up basicaly had a go test fitting them and the floor patterns the same the celica rails are a little shorter whats the best plan of action
  14. hiya fellas aint been on in a couple of days the rest of the dust caps have now gone thew were light weight trd caps from japan the rest are now probaly under water i like the painting the wind deflectors idea lol its stuff like this im sure all agree wich sometimes makes u feel whats the point in doin up my car im pretty sure it this kid im not sure wether to put him in box im not gonna go police im not a grass and like they would carer tbh and i know about the escaliting thing espesially as there has been a string of arsons in my areas 27 in one month would rather lose 40 pound deflectors than have my car turned into a bonfire cheers for all the suppour and kp how did u get an asbo on ur car sorry for essay fellas
  15. the windows were slightly open and the persons car is a well know theiving [What a fool I am for trying to beat the swear filter] and wanna be bad boy
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