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  1. Nice car and very nice pics !!! I miss mi tsport :(
  2. eavp

    My Auris

    wow ! are those 18'' ??? they look so small on that car ! are those rims Toyota? Nice Car
  3. I had this one fitted, and It really changed the car 100% I had the TRD CAI for over 2yrs now and 0 problems and here in Costa Rica it rains a LOT
  4. whats the word on the tsport??? I`ve seen Yaris TS pics and looks awesome !
  5. Looks nice, I wonder if anyone here knows what kind of Eibach springs he has on? Like a part number of something? and it this is available on the US??? thx
  6. hello! I changed mines to Helios Xenon 7000k, they are very clear and gives the car a very cool look, they go for around $350-$400 usd to change bulbs you will need so help, or it you could send it to the dealer becuase it takes time and efford to take them out, specially the one on the right next to the ABS cheers!
  7. can you tell us about the tsport power? anything close to 300 ponies? is the vvtl-i dying?? thx
  8. Could this be the next rolla tsport? A rumored V6, with +250hp ?
  9. nice section! wonder what the first "real" post would be
  10. thanks for the link....here are more pics....Hope you enjoy them as much as I did
  11. I have XENON HID'S on my rolla and works excellent, I can get 'em for you at around $340 usd shipped, they are HELIOS HID'S
  12. the FM transmiter I use with my Ipod on the corolla is called Itrip, works excellent and theres NOTHING to install I recomend it
  13. 29k ???? wow there goes my dream of having one
  14. thanks man! I will write you for sure! u have a corolla xrs? I have a tsport
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