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  1. Try high temperature enamel paint.. Halfords do it but im sure it can be bought somewhere cheaper.. Or brake calliper pain thats designed to take high temps Cheers Dan
  2. :drool: :drool: thats all i can say lol
  3. Well mate if you want a 1.6 then you have a choice of a 4AFE found in corollas 1988-1998 or a 3ZZFE vvti found in corollas 1998-2002 or a 4AGE found in celicas 1983-1989 and in corollas 1983-1987 according to wikipedia. if you have a 98 g6 corolla then it has a 1.3 4EFE engine in it so the 4AFE is a straight swap and swap it for a 4AFE ecu i think not 100% sure so correct me if im wrong.. The only difference with the 4EFE and the 4AFE IS the 4AFE has a distributer rather than coil packs like on the 4EFE so you wouldnt have to tell anyone about the engine swap.. ;) but thats up to you! 3ZZFE vv
  4. Thanks for the coment mate. Yeah i should really but i have a mate thats built a few rally cars and my girlfriends dad used to build rally cars so hes giving me advice as i go along. yeah my mate was telling me about that. There are loads of people in wales that spend thousands and thousands on cars! Ive seen +£40k mk2 escorts been written off in the first few corners of a rally! :( Cheers Dan
  5. Cheers mate! Yeah they were in pretty good nick when i had the car. i use nitromorse and a lot of elbow grease! But im getting a bit tired of that so i can get wheels sand blasted for £10 each but the place takes ages to do them! Well the sand blasting would take all the crud off and if its needed i use a dual action sander to smooth out any curbing marks. Cheers Dan
  6. Cheers mate! i do wheel referbs if your interested? Haha sadly the black corolla was stripped for spare parts and taken to the scrap yard! Cheers Dan
  7. Sorry for the late reply mate! Unfortunately my oven isnt quite big enough to fit the strut brace in sorry but i can do other parts as long as there smaller than a 20inch wheel, thats the biggest thing that i can fit in my oven. Engine bay looks mint mate! Love your work. Cheers Dan
  8. Cheers mate! Should have a few more little updates soon. Does anyone know what roll cage will fit in one of these as I cant find one for it so I was going to get a 205 or nova cage and make it fit! The wheels and cam cover have been powder coated I have a machine to do it. If you want anything done let me know ;) Cheers Dan
  9. Well ive been away for a while but im now finished uni for the summer and i have a bit of money so ill be getting on with the car over the summer. Well the latest things that ive done are refurbish the wheels and cam cover because I have a powder coating machine here are some pics of before and after the parts have been powder coating. I’ve stripped the boot of the locking machine and wiper motor. The speakers, central locking motors and all the sound deadening has been removed from the doors Before And after Not much else to update but there will be more soon All comments welcome Che
  10. Right time for an update. Progress on the rally ca has ground to a halt because im saving up for a land rover defender.. but in the mean time i managed to get my hands on this lovely matt black corolla which i will be using for spares for the rally car. I know that the engines are the same but what else is? Does anyone know what parts are interchangeable and could give me some advice please? Here are some pics of the ratted corolla. Cheers Dan
  11. Thanks mate! I’ll be updating soon with a sump guard and a roll cage!! :lol2: Cheers Dan
  12. No point painting them this car will be hammered round corners sideways. its not for looks its a budget rally car and no they went on with no trouble at all mate. Cheers Dan
  13. Tried opening a project thread but the moderators “boxed” it. Anyway here are some pics of the green stuff pads and new disks. old disks green stuff pads and new disks what you think? Cheers Dan
  14. Ok mate will do! just got the new disks and green stuff fitted today. Cheers Dan
  15. Right then got some pics of the beast! Also had a few parts through the post just got to put them on now..
  16. ahh ok thanks mate i was just about to go buy the 1.6 sr clocks! Anyone got a set of 1.3 clocks then? Cheers Dan
  17. Ahh ok thanks very much mate!! Theres an sr in my local scrappy so ill ask how much.. Cheers Dan
  18. Also would anyone know how to put a tachometer in this car? Would i just swap the clocks for an sr set or is it a lot more complicated than that? Cheers Dan
  19. Ok thanks mate. will do when i get some progres on the car Cheers Dan
  20. Ok thanks mate! I cant do the exhaust because I have to meet strict sound requirements and an exhaust will make the car too loud and i will get turned away but i can lose the cat because the rules state that if a car is made from 2000 on, it has to have a cat but mine is a 1998 so ill get an mot on ill and ill lose the cat then. And I have to keep the interior as well but ill try to lose every gram I can do without. And well ive kind of made a ram air kit. I took the standard one off and put an evosport air filter on and this sits in the bottom half of the original air box. I then attached a c
  21. Thanks very much mate! Anybody know any little mods to get it going a bit faster? Cheers Dan
  22. and does anyone know where i can get cheap toyota parts? eg coilpacks, cam belt?? Cheers Dan
  23. Ok people im a newbie on here and to Toyotas so could anyone give me a hand? I was given my mates old car as he got a new one. Its a 1998 1.3 toyota corolla 3dr and im a bit of a rally fan and i want to enter it in some road rallies. And i was wondering if toyota made a diesel version of this car and could i swap the suspension to give me some more height and stiffness? And ive been told that the model before this one has 110bhp and if i swapped the ecu for the older one would it give me more power and would it be a straight swap job? This is a budget rally car as im in uni so no expensive mod
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