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  1. @ dizee the specs and performance are contained in the source link but its only churning out 98ps as they are still working on the engine, but still toyota should release a version like this, the kids would go crazy if it was done right,
  2. 18x8 inch wheels have been fitted before its been done a few times now without issues edit example in question iq on 18s
  3. This is VeilSides new Toyota Iq! I think it looks amazing although the rework on the back end is a lot more sublte leading to a front heavy look i think what do you think?? source: Veilside toyota iq
  4. welcome mate, send me a pm if you want and i can put you in touch with my agent, he should be able to give you all prices and places where you can view the auctions to pic your iq :)
  5. as your man said, sallys man makes up these stickers :)
  6. welcome, what wheels do you have planned for your iq?
  7. k sport have just released a new 6 pot brake kit for the iq its defo over kill i think, but you must agree it would looke smarter than anything else.
  8. your best bet is ebay at the moment, tein do a super street kit but im not sure what vendors are over ther at the moment.
  9. you bet me to posting this, its gawjus
  10. it looks mint from the press release source : IQ-oc most of that is full of tosh if you ask me, tarting it up and asking for 50k??? i thought the iq did that already? from the most i have read they are sounding like the iq does not exiast. what do you think yay or nay? worth the 20k premium?(with options)
  11. Looking very good in blue dcs31
  12. yea heres a pic of the supercharger taken at the auto salon
  13. ive heard carbon mirrors will be getting produced for the iq soon.
  14. the exterior pictured above is how production versions will look. i like it but dont think its much of a change over the current iq. and when i look at them side by side it looks fussy and.... 'uglier' compared to its twin. ultimately i think aston martin have made a bad rushed choice deal (done in the pit lane between two big wigs at a race meet actualy) its just a tarted up iq thats not been well executed. it does not fit in with their brand values. @ AM give me a pen and paper and im sure i could come up with a better alternative visualy and mechanicaly worthy of the price premium with the Aston Martin brand firmly in mind.
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