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  1. Hellllo alllll long time no see. I have just found this thread and it still makes me smile. An update on Jinxed and I. We are very much still together and going strong, we have many plans for our future. Our cars have changed, Stephan still has his MR2 and I now have a 03 Suzuki Alto. No one has ever met Steph except JJ lmao. He has never been to one of our meets lol, work keeps getting in the way. Mebbe one day I will drag him to the Xmas do. So for the second time I found love via TOC!!!!
  2. Damn, work have me on night shift for that weekend, sorry guys cant make it.
  3. Are we there yet?????
  4. I had a fantastic time, I shared a tent with Ken, it was my Birthday and my first meet. Rob fitted my red led scanner to Kitt, who won a "Highly Commended" rosette lol, which is still stuck on my wall. Was it 2003?? I will be there with Rich (again lol)
  5. Hopefully us lot, any dates yet, will need to book days of work.
  6. Sorry if I am a party pooper but have never done fancy dress at the Xmas do and never will. I do have a party frock though, cant wait!!!! Are we there yet?
  7. ME.....Stilton, mushroom and walnut parcels Turkey Profitor rolls DAD....Chicken Liver pate. Turkey profitor rolls. Thanks Les.x
  8. As per usual I wont be in fancy dress.....but I do have my party dress already.....and yes I did say a DRESS!!!!!
  9. not alot really.

  10. I had a great meet guys....those twisties were brill. Next I think I will turn up for lunch in my helicopter. The Lion Inn never fails to let me down for surprises, I never know what I will see, last time I was there was a Bently meet. Catch up at the next meet guys.x
  11. tbh either is fine with me....I have text rich about the blakey ridge though.
  12. When does the 30% off joining the AA if your a Gold Member start? The advert is on the home page but it wont let me click it?
  13. Is there an updated list about?
  14. Has any one got one or used one yet?? Are they better than a laptop???
  15. Nope the Yaris is coming too.
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